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Friday, December 2, 2016


Yaaay, it's Blogmas time that means I'm going to blog about lifestyle / Christmas stuff all month. I'm really exited! Although my Blogmas started not very lucky. My sister brought my camera for her work, but I didn't give a charger, so I don't think it for a long time. Any ways, if I have something to take photo of, I always have my phone's 13 MP camera, so it's like a reason to try it, because actually I used only a few times yet.
Another reason why the start wasn't very lucky is that I had no my Internet all day before the night. So I'm full was into the Internet to middle of night haha. And still wrote about Mandela effect. I'm so into it recent three day, it blows my mind and it's really true... at least for me. I'm going to write about many Mandela effects I noticed mostly a few years ago and I was so confused and afraid and now finally I'm sure that I'm not crazy and millions of people noticed the same things so it's good... for me hehe. Acture it's pretty scary. You should read my previous post if you had no idea about what I'm talking. I even made my mom to believe this (probaby) too. Too much facts, so of course it's real.
And today it was super snowy like never before this year, although we had many snowy days already. It seems like winter of almost everyone's dreams. So first thing I did when I woke up is that I took photos of it, while I still had my camera. And it's good that I took, because after we had pretty strong wind and had no snow on trees. But gosh it's so slippery! Because it was a temparature with ''+'' yesterday and today we have ''-''. It's like the hell on the roads.

And now I'm sort of celebrating birthday of my brother (probably I should say cousine in English not confuse you) that lives in Italy. My grandmother went to visit us and bring cool salads, one of them I tried for the forst time and it's great. And she baked one of tasties pies I ate in my life. I chose good days for my only healthy food days haha. Well then I should do a really great workout today!
But now I'm waiting for a finale episode of ''Ukrainian supermodel'' show... So exited about this. Hope winner won't dissapoint me like the last year! I really hope my favourite will win or I will sure you can buy everything.

Now my my sister, her husbad and daughter are here. So talk later! Have amazing last month of the year!


  1. Woooow... Snow is perfect for Xmas!

    1. But not ice;( Xmas will be in more than month here... It melts pretty soon in December yet.

  2. amazing photos :)
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  3. You should be at the Ukrainian top model, if you are tall, I don't know. You are very beautiful! Nice to have salads and a great cake, happy birthday to your cousin! I am curious, want to read about the Mandela effect, will go to your previous post! Wishing you a great weekend!

    1. I'm so short that's hard to find somebody shorter than me.


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