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Saturday, December 24, 2016


Some photos from my previous Christmas (can't say last year Christmas, because in Ukraine Christmas in January actually). 

Yeeeeah, finally got my Internet back, I didn't have the Internet since December 21th. So happy to get it back. I got problems with wires. I already told that it's not lucky December this year to do Blogmas.
Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrate it today(!), as I said I celebrate it later in January, but still will have a dinner in my granmother's home in the evening. It's our tradition, as my grandmother celebrate it today since her childhood, so we always go to her this day. But I'm actually not sure about today... it's just awful ice everywhere, I'm not sure if I can walking on it.
Today I want to share some traditions that we have in Ukraine on Christmas and winter holidays we have mostly in January.
First one is that almost all Ukrainians celebrates it in January 6th (Christmas eve) and in January 7th. Week after a New year. Maybe it's the reason why New year Ukrainians love better and celebrate better too. Just week later after New year people become tired of the hiolidays and give all their energy and holiday spirit to New year eve. By the way, New year eve / first day of the year is family holiday for most of holidays.
And yeah, we don't give each other presents on Christmas. We do it on New year eve or in the morning of first day of the year. Except, my grandmother and my parents sometimes give me something on Christmas. But it's our family thing. Usually people here buy presents for New year.
From Christmas eve to the end of January in Ukraine very popular is time for divinations for finding out what things will happen with us in a new year or how will look a real love of human who do these divinations (it's pretty scary divination) or where to find a love. It's funny one, maybe I'll do a post about all famous divinations later, but I want to tell one funny story happened a few years ago:
So here is divination if you want to know where to find your love, you should throw your one old winter boot from a window and front part of the shoe will show where to go to find your real love, so friend of my sister did it and didn't noticed a human under windows and throw that boot into him. That's how she found her future husband.

On Ukrainian Christmas dinner should be 12 dishes and all without meat.
The main meal is kutia. It's a lot of water, wheat, halva, (sometimas nuts and raisins  and other sweet things you want) and pretty a lot of sugar, cause it's sweet as a dessert. I'm not a fan of it, especially, when it's buckwheat insteed with weat, but it's pretty cool if to sugar enough, add raisins and have a lot of halva (you probably don't what is it, it's very sweet snack from melted seeds). You should ea at least three spoons of kutya before eat everything else.
We go to eat our festive supper when it's first star in the sky that we can see. Actually it's pretty hard, so we just wait before it will become really late.

Since Christmas to the end of month it's time for carols. Usually girls sing Christmas songs, while boys pour wheat  to the house and tell carols. Yeah, they don't speak, but tell. Usually it ''work'' of kids (I did this when was 12 or 14 years old the last time), people from church do it too. It was magical when they singed just for me the last Christmas.

Ah guys, I can tell so much other traditions, but who read long posts?

Have a beautiful festive weekend!


  1. Have a good one tomorrow even though you'll have it later on

  2. Hi! The story about the boot/boyfriend is really funny! Here in Spain we began celebrating on Christmas Eve and finish on January 6th, when the 3 Wise Men come and give presents to children. There are big parades everywhere on January 5th. Merry Christmas from Barcelona!
    A Bilingual Baby blog

    1. Glad you liked it! ♥ I didn't know that in Spain you celebrate this almost the same time as in Ukraine!

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