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Thursday, December 29, 2016


Hello guys. In one of my recent posts I was telling about Christmas tradition in country I live - Ukraine. So why not to tell about New Year's ones? Here New Year is favourite holiday probably for most Ukrainians. We have a lot of different traditions for this day also. I don't if in your country are some similar, but I'm pretty sure if that you'll find some new ones.

🎁 First one is that before the holiday Ukrainians clean their homes very good. It makes troubles to stay in the last year.

🎁 For most Ukrainians New Year is a family holiday, just like Christmas.

🎁 Many people wear something new when they meet a new year for having many new things in this year or they wear the best thing they have for a rich life.

🎁 On New Year's dinner very popular salads like Olivier, Vinigret, Mimosa or Dressed herring, also sandwiches with sprats or caviar. Also fruits, especially, tangarines. Well, and Coca Cola.

🎁 In the last 12 seconds of the year people make wishes they want come true this year.

🎁 Also many people write their wishes on a napkin before these last 12 seconds start and you should to burn this napkin, add sinder to your champangne and drink it all before the New Year.

🎁What happened in the New Year (since 00:00 to the end of the old year) will be repeated in different variations with human the whole year, so we have tradition to celebrate it good.

🎁 Listen to the sounds outside the window: the ringing of church bells - to the important events in the family, cats meow - a new neighbor, a dog barking - a new friend (for girls - to the groom), bird voice - to the good news (for the guys - the bride).

🎁 This one is more singn than tradition - in the night December 30 on December 31 a human can seen a dream that describe the whole year of that human.

🎁 The first guest of the year should be a man. Remember how me and my friend had a trouble with it 2 years ago hehe.

🎁 After midnight kids (boys only) tell carols and strews wheat in the different houses. You should give a little bit of money to them for this.


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  4. Hi Anna-Alina! It is very interesting! In Spain, we eat 12 grapes at midnight, each grape is like a month of the new year, you have to eat them all following the 12 strikes of a bell so the year is good!

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