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Monday, December 19, 2016

My favourite... | TAG

Hello. I noticed that almost all bloggers are really not active recently, even those who wrie a few times a day. Probably it's all because holidays time. I have still some ideas for Blogmas, but can't do it now. Turned out that this December is not the most comfortable time to write daily. Also today we have first big winter holiday - St. Nicholas day. I know it's Santa Claus, so actually it's Santa's day, although in Ukraine we call Santa ''Did Moroz'' (Grandfather Frost). I think I'll write about it later and also I should take some photos, because we will celebrate it. We even baked a cake and wait for guests, so it should be a nice evening today.
I thought that I didn't do tags a lot of time. So why not to make a new one?;)

My favourite...

... time of a day. Hmmm. Sometimes, it's day, sometimes evening and even night if I had a bad day, but never morning hehe. Well, sometimes it is. If I woke up early alone home and see beautiful golden pink sunset, then it's very inspirational, but too rarely. If I should choose only one it will be a day, because they are always productive, bright and different.
... season. As I said it's summer. I've seen a quote somewhere ''summer is a little life''. I really agree. In summer I feel more alive, energetic and motivational to do different things everyday. I'm sort of already depressed because snow, ice and frost and was very happy when it was +10 C and no snow a few days a week ago

... show.  ''Friends'' always and forever. But if it means like reality-shows e.t.c. They became not interesting for me, take too much time and there is too much fake drama. I really hate these fake ''things'' that they show as real. Like... people that create these shows think that other people are stupid to understand it or what?
... podcast. I was hearing a radio only when I was in a car or in some buses that's pretty rarely, but recently when I've got my new phone I started to listen to this almost everyday when I'm bored of music that on my phone. So I like Lux FM, Radio Rock, sometimes there are a lot of good old and not very old songs on Retro FM.
... outfit. There are too many good ones, but I don't remember any of them haha and usually I don't take pictures of my favourite ones because nobody from people I know how to use my camera.
I definetely remember my look from my prom, sad it's no a good picture. They are all blurred or I've got not good face on photos.
I always knew what dress I'm gonna wear so was so happy when I found a dress from my dreams. And also I always knew that will wear keds for my  although my mom, grandmother and sister were angry at me because of it, but it was my dream prom outfit since I was a child... at least I was only girl in the building that didn't wear long pastel dress, shiny 25 cm heels amd super cool curly and high hairstyle.
... blog. I don't have favourite one, but love check popular posts on Bloglovin and also I some lifestyle blogs from Norway and Sweden. It seems like people from these countries always has a good taste in photragraphy, style e.t.c.
... instagram. All I follow.
... shoes. These cuties I wear this winter. Not sure where I bought them, but if you're interested I wrote it in my Christmas post this year, so check it in posts from the start of January (Christmas here in January 7th).
... day of a week. All. I don't study and stopped to watch shows on TV every friday, so whatever.
... meal. Chocolate cake, double cheese pizza, strawberry smoothie (with not very blended strawbrries, so I eat it. Also I love handmade cakes my mom and grandmother cook. That's why I exited about today's evening.
... lipstick.
My favourite lip products: Flormar, Avon, Oriflame, Avon, .
... bag. This one I found in my favourite thrift store, there is no any labels, so I don't know about brand. But I want this bag many years and it's so light, pretty big and comfortable.
... drink. I looove hot chocolate, cocoa and fruit smoothies, like this one. I used strawberries, peaches, kiwies and bananas here.
... app. Don't want to be too predictable and to say Instagram, so say Springfield. Tapped out. and Ramsay DASH. Great games!


  1. This fruit smoothie looks delicious. I'm in love with fruits and summer too!

    1. Yeah, it's perfect, I always miss it when it gone.

  2. nice one, i love posts like this :)

  3. I always liked seeing you in your cute sunglasses

    1. aw thank you hehe, they really make my photos look cooler.


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