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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Hello, hope you have cool December days. Mine are really good. Especially after almost all November when I had problems with stomach and felt bad.
Now recently a few days it's so frosty, so I prefer to stay home. I still have many things to do because in November I was too weak to do something. Any way, I think it's a good time while it didn't became too late to write things I want to do before this year will end. So it's the list with some of them.
  1. To decorate home for holidays. I think I will do on December 19th. It's first winter holiday here in this day. Later we have New year eve, and Christmas after. We celebrate it on January 6-7th.
  2. To re-watch my favourite Christmas movies to get a holiday spirit. Actually I re-watched some already.
  3. To focus on drinking more water. I always forget to drink. Sometimes I drink very small amount of water.
  4. Continue to eat healthy. And also I try don't eat in 4 hours before sleep. When I do, it's a fruit.
  5. Continue to workout with great abs exerises I found and tried yesterday for the first time. But I should add other exersise because 10 minutes isn't enough.
  6. Find good presents to everyone. This weather really make things harder.
  7. To try Christmas DIY. If it will be good, I'll write a post. The last year I already tried to make a tiny Christmas tree and really loved a result.
  8. Finally to decide my 1,5 years problem with one shop where I ''bought'' my phone and to get all my money back. And never to go to that shop anymore. I already was in the shop around a week ago so it's should be good.
  9. To make a big home cleaning. I really needto do this haha.
  10. To write my wish-list for 2017 year. Everything works better with lists!
  11. To walk in the center of my town. I'm sure it's so pretty there now!
  12. To read some interesting books I wanted to read a long time ago.
  13. Re-read one of my favourite books about strenth of positive thinking. I really loved this book back to the spring, but now I really forgot all the tips from there.
  14. Have a fun with snow. Probably with my niece and maybe with my friend if she will come back from collage for holidays. We made a snowman last year, before I was making it like 10 years ago.
  15. To try to make a festive makeup / manicure if it will be good, I should share it on the blog.

Do you have similiar goals for December?✌


  1. I dont' think we'll see snow here where I'm at by New Years

  2. very nice post :)I think im going to rewatch my xmas favorite movies too :)

    Alice's Pink Diary


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