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Friday, December 30, 2016


Wow, in two days it will be a new year. Actually, I already know what first things I want to buy. So I want to share with you my first little wish list. Monthly wish lists don't need to be huge, right? 
I'm already not gonna buy warm winter things and I think it's time to prepare for warmer seasons, as parcels from internet stores don't arrive very fast.
So it's the list of things that are for warm days and I really love and going to buy all of them.
I really need a new bag thart will be look great with almost everything. I was thinking about black classic one, but decided that in gray it looks so much more cute. And although this bag looks classic, this flufy pom pom makes it to be very treandy and even more cute. I think it's very pretty!

Other things I really need is brushes set. I found perfect one. There are more than 20 brushes + beauty blender (I've never tried this one). And it's really cheap.

There were two things I wanted - pink sweatshirt and trendy shirt with laces below a neck, but I don't need them both as I found these 2 things in 1 item.
Also I think this hat is really great and will be looking nice with many oufits. And it's so cheap!
I already talked that want a hat for days when it will become warmer. I found really good one with so good price.

The whole summer I wanted a handband. I think they make all looks look lovely. I love roses! And it's less than $1.


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