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Thursday, December 15, 2016


 Yesterday I had the Internet-free day, as I was learning English the first part of the day and in the evwning I with my family celebrated my Dad's 51th birthday. It was a really great evening, it reminded me Christmas. Probably one of reasons that we've got a lot of snow again. It was so fluffy snowing yesterday and in the the late evening we had pink skies. It's really hard to take photos in darkness, because you can't focus, but at least I tried to take photos.
The birthday gave me a real Christmas spirit, so I decorated my room with Christmas decorations before I went to sleep. Still have no idea if I'll should decorate a Christmas tree too, not sure if our family old Christmas is still good, but that one and its old decorations reminds me of my childhood. Any ways if I'm going to buy a tree, it will be fake one. Recent probably 3 years as I changed my mind about a real Christmas tree. I think they should grow somewhere in forests and gardens, not to fall at the dump after holidays. Dumps seem very sad this time. Plus with real ones it's too much of problems.


  1. Amazing Xmas photos!

  2. Congratulations to your dad! I like Christmas trees, but I feel sad when the time passes and the real trees go to the trash bin :( It is like ending the Christmas spirit :( I bought a small artificial one this year and used some branches of real ones, it's good :) Hope you have a nice weekend!


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