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Sunday, December 4, 2016


''The Mandela effect is what the internet is calling those curious instances in which many of us are certain we remember something a particular way, but it turns out we’re incorrect.
The name of the theory comes from many people feeling certain they could remember Nelson Mandela dying while he was still in prison back in the ’80s. Contrary to what many thought, Mandela’s actual death was on Dec. 5, 2013, despite some people claiming to remember seeing clips of his funeral on TV.''

Hello guys! I'm so exited to write second part of my Mandella effect post. Previously, I wrote just about that Sex and the city and Sex in the city thing, but actually there are a lot things to tell about, so let's start, because I really found many of them.
I start with some I noticed before I knew about Mandela effect. 

First thing I want to tell about is carton that I'm sure I watched everyday in my childhood. And it was my fave, so around 2 weeks ago I decided to find it. But I found nothing, I watched like all pictures with pegasuses on the Internet. 
This was about three pegasus - Luna, Sun and I don't remember a name had third pegasus but he had pink skin / hair and hearts on body. That cartoon was reason why pegasuses were my favourite thing ever. I'm still not sure if it's just not popular cartoon or it's one of Mandela effects. 
But I'm sure about second one. And it's Coca'Cola or how I remembered this all my childhood - Coca-Cola. Logo that you can see on the photo below is that one I saw all my childhood. But here's a problem. This logo existed only in 1890's - 1940's (exeptions are rarely retro edition like on this photo).
Now it looks like on the photo below. And it always was like that from 1946 year.
I have thoughts maybe just in Ukraine we had a special retro logo, but it's not true. And millions of people from different countries remember this logo at the stores too. Most of them were born after 40's like me)...

Third thing is logo of KitKat (I remember this as Kit-Kat). There is not always KitKat in Ukraine, so I perfectly remember when I tried it for the first time when I got it as present from Italy. I was around 10 and I really liked the title - ''Kit-Kat'', I'm 100% that was ''Kit-Kat'' on packaging. I don't know when it became ''KitKat'', but noticed this last year, when I bought the chocolate bar and started to look at packaging and couldn't understand what's wrong with it.

The same thing with Tic Tac.
Also many people think Darth Vader in Star wars says ''I'm her father'' intead famous ''I'm you're father''. But I hear ''I'm your father'' in a video below where everybody talk about Mandela effect. Maybe I'm in different reality or I don't know why so many people think he says ''her''.
Instead in one of the most famous movies something changed. Forrest Gump has famous quote "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." Forget, not in this lifetime! Listen, what he says actually:

What? "Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."? It has less sense than pop songs in our time. Still don't believe in it?

Barbara or Barbra Streisand? If you think her name's Barbra, you're right, while I'm shocked because remember that in 2011-2012 was very popular song that played everywhere. It was called ''Barbara Streisand'' then when I watched official video on Youtube... If I've seen name Barbra then I was confused because I've never heard this name, while name Barbara is okay for Ukraine too. So I was ok with it.
One of scariest things is millions people heard that America has 52 states. I've heard it a million times. In American movies and even in one song. But there's only 50 states... Why in so many movies people say it's 52, so confused.
One of them: 
Pikachu never had black tail as on the picture below, why so many don't think so.
I even remember when I've got a toy Pikachu and I was wondered that it has black because I never noticed this before (I wasn't a fan of Pokemons).
Another shocking fact about Mickey Mouse. He never had suspenders on his shorts.

Like whaaaaat? Then why almost all Mickey Mouse costumes with suspenders. Why people remember him with them?
Another thing I and a lot of other people noticed that Mona Lisa changed too. I think she looks younger and happier now... Pretty scary.
Many people think that in Snow white cartoon Queeen says: "Mirror, mirror...'', but she says ''Magic mirror...''. Crazy, becauseI remember it too!
 The scariest thing is that in many old newspapers, movies our map was different. And I remember it different in my childhood too. Like an iceland around Australia and many people remember this one on map. Crazy...

Monkey Curious George never had a tail...

Monopoly man never had a moncle.

 Berenstain bears is real title.

 It always was Looney tunes, not Looney toons I remember.

Is this arrow always was there?

Left is wrong, right is right:D It always was there since 1937 year.
So sad that I don't remember the movie, but in that one the car has both. Firstly left logo and a few seconds later right logo... So strange.

 Benny the bull never had a nose ring.

Billy Graham’s funeral on TV. So many people remember it. Click on link to read about it.

Henry VIII portrait with a turkey leg in his hand — Many people clearly recall seeing it in history books, but there’s no record of it, now. Click on link to read more.

Sara Lee products slogan/jingle – Some recall “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee,” (1960s’ commercial) but others recall it as “Nobody does it like Sara Lee.”
It's like a proof of Mandela effect. Now this song has no sense. Listen this!

What do you thing about this? 


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  2. The pikachu in the first pokemon game on Gameboy was a lot fatter than later on. The anime was the reason he got better looking

  3. This post is really interesting. Mandela was one of the biggest men in the world.

  4. I am loving your posts about the Mandela effect! I related to the Coca Cola logo and Kitkat! So many other impressive things! So now I see, you told me about your height, but you are really beautiful, sad that people only employ tall women to be models. I hope your health is OK! Hope you have a nice week!

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