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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


 Hello world! Hope you all are okay. I'm pretty good and everything's alright. but recent days feel not so perfect. These days I'm pretty weak and sad after all these things that happen in the world recently. And also I found a funny quote on the Internet ''That bit between Chistmas and New Year when you don't know what day it is, who you are and what you are suppose to be doing'' haha. So true story about me these days, seems I'm not alone. Actually I just can't wait for New Year's eve. Ah I wish days went faster to the new year. Okay-okay, anyway, I have a lot things to do before this day. I have some plans for a few New Year's posts on the blog too. This is first one! I want to share with you my movies-recommendations I watched recently and think they are really good + perfect for watching on New Year's Eve ...or for first day of the year. I have no idea when are you prefer to watch movies? I do in in first of a new year, in the morning. Usually. New Year's Eves are very chaotic and while I'm doing a bunch of things I only can watch a little bit of TV before a festive dinner. Actually, for New Year's eve I prefer funny but still festive shows, it gives right New Year's spirit.
It's my list of good new movies for holidays. If you not sure what you want to watch, check them out!

I love New Year (2015).
Story of two people with thr same adresses but living in different cities. Very funny thing!
Actually it's Hindi movie that filmed in New york and it's remake of famous Soviet romantic comedy ''The Irony of Fate'' (1975). This movie is on all channels all January all my life haha. But it's actually really good and very funny. And yeah, ''I love New Year'' is more weak, as it's a short version, so it don't have all jokes from the original movie. But it's modern, pretty and in style of Hindi movies.

Finding Christmas (2013)
If you like ''The holiday''(2006) with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, probably you will like it too, beceause in short it's man's version of this movie.
Love The Coopers (2015)
Kind family funny movie with slogan "Christmas means comfort, joy and chaos". It explains everything! I adore movies about fates of different peoples.
And I almost forgot to say that there are many of great famous actors!
New Year's Eve (2011)
Everybody watched this or not? If you don't, you really should, because it gives an amazing New Year's spirit and in the movie a lot of celebrities.

 Snow bride (2013)

Amazing romantic movie with really funny moments. If you like romantic comedies, you should to check this out!


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