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Saturday, December 17, 2016


 My recent photos from Instagram gallery.

Oh sorry, yesterday my computer didn't want to work when I wanted to write a new post, hehe. So maybe I'll write today later again to make my Blogmas active! So it's time for my yearly post!

1. Things don't come with time, they come with actions;
2. If you don't take negativity from a human that send you it, that negativity stays with that human;
3.When people say that you can't achieve your goal, they say they can't. Only you know what you can;
4. Our wishes come true when we let them go from our thoughts, stop worry about if it will happen or not and just believe in them;
5. Right music can help to feel better in all hard situations;
6. Everyobody has their own vision for something. We don't have bad or good things. Everybody see it in another way, so it's just different;
7. So I can say that no matter what you do / like here is 99% that somebody will like it too;
8. If you go to things you things you want, don't look around and don't stop, you will go to the finish spot late or early;
9. Sometimes we can do nothing when it's too late to do it, no matter how hard we try;
10. To make things that make you happy is the most important thing we all need to do;
11. It's very important to read books or watch shows that make feel happier and make you laugh as often as it's possible;
12. Also I really recommend reading life stories of sucessful people, it's very inspirational;
13. Great things always hard to get, so if human is not gonna ''fight'' hard for it to the end, better not start and loose the time.
14. We say in Ukraine: ''How you met a New year, you will spent this year the same''. I always thought it's a joke and didn't believe it, but started to notice it works, not in a Pickwickian sence, of course, but still works.
15. If you act lazy, you will be sorry about this later.
16. Daily exersises are so easy to do but it helps in so many things. Maybe I should to talk about it in a separate post, but the main thing is that it makes me feel good when I'm sick or just feel bad.
My first pictures of the year on Instagram.


  1. I hope you enjoyed your year for the most part

  2. You've learnt a lot of important things. I hope 2017 will be much better!

  3. Very beautiful pictures and advice, and I also believe in all you wrote - negativity stays with the negative person, if we don't let it contaminate us, and we can not please everybody AND I also believe that the way you start the new year is how it goes through the year :) Once I spent it sleeping and I was sleepy the whole year long! I wish you a great Christmas, enjoy it!

    1. "Once I spent it sleeping and I was sleepy the whole year long!" It's made me laugh! Btw, my dad sleeps almost always this time and he really always sleeps too.


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