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Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hello guys, yesterday I talked about the things from past I wish I had now, so I decided to write today the post I had in my drafts a while - things I wish existed and hope some of them will be our reality one day.
Translater of animals. I wish we people started to understand animals better. Then I would no be afraid of dogs or wild animals. And of course it's amazing to talk with you pets.

Time machine that bring me to my favourite moments in the past. I know we have memories, thoughts, but it's not the same. We forget things. And pictures in our mind is not that clean.
Teleportation. Quick free travel. Probably the best thing ever that doesn't exist.
Skype through you can give something to somebody. I know it's 100% no impossible... although when I was kid I thought that see the human that's in another country is impossible too.
Wings that give abbility to fly to people. How cool it sounds? 
A levitating sofa. It looks so cool, I wish I had this!

A water sterilizer for food. It's so important thing. Especially if you buy food at a market. Many people become sick because of this 
Braces that make teeth to be straight very soon, not waiting years for this. So actual for people as me that was not lucky with teeth.
Refrigator that always has a tasty pizza inside. Just dreams...
Unicorns and pegus. It's not a thing, but still...
Because my family don't have a space for books anymore.
Button that delete negative people from my life. I wish this existed so much.
Cream that cleans face from acne in a few minutes. It's perfect for those situations if you should go somewhere where you should look pretty (I mean everwhere) and you have bad skin days.
Technology that can charge by laziness. Ah I wish and then I would gained so much more ofmy goals.
Bath stones that keep your bath water warm.


  1. That sofa would be really cool

  2. Such a very cool post :)
    Have a great weekend

    New Giveaway on my blog, good luck :)

  3. Love all these things but teleportation... this would be amazing!

  4. That would be so cool! :)

  5. Miss the 90ies too, I love to watch 90ies series on the internet.





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