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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Hello guys! How are you? I had a little break from Internet recent days. Just my phone's ''died'' a few days ago and I almost don't use the Internet after this. Exceptions are shows  I'm watching these snowy frosty daysAnd noticed days became a few times longer, seriously! Yes, we have a lot of fluffy soft snow recent days, but it's awful, because already on the second day of snow it became so slippery that I should destroyed all my plans and sit home. So I hope it will melt soon or it will be more of a snow, so I won't feel ice under the feet.

Back to the phone. My phone stopped to turn on. It's loading intro but it never stops. The strange thing about this is that day not only my phone stopped to work, but also the phone of my dad, TV set and tablet... just in the same day. Another strange thing is happened with the third time.  The day before I was really angry at my phone because I can't use all apps I want, camera became to be awful and many other things. And I had a thought that I want a new phone and boom - I really need a new one on the next day. The last two times were almost the same, but I lost phones in both situations. Those situations were pretty strange too. 

Any ways, I ordered a few days ago and I'll get it tomorrow (I hope). So long, I thought I'll get the phone on the next day or in two days as a shop worker said me. I really liked two phones. One of them has a great design, while another one has a great camera, so I chose the second one. It was more expensive, so I hope that camera really worths to pay more for it. We will see it tomorrow! I can't wait, I miss all these phone apps!

The snow made me really understand that holidays will be in a little bit more than a month here. It's very crazy! I can't be exited about this because I was sure that the recent New Year was not very long time ago and it's called ''year''. Pretty scary! Any ways, I'm going to do Blogmas posts in December and I realised that I never wrote about Ukrainian Christmas time traditions and similar things. We have a lot of them, so I really should write about this around our Christmas day.

And now it's the time for things I don't like on blogs. Actually, mostly people don't like these things, so it's not just my opinion;)

One post with 100 same photos. When I scroll those photos, it feels like it will be never over in this life time. Just an endless post. Sometimes I give up and stop to scroll and decide don't comment below this post... I just have too many things to do before I'll die, sorry.
Similar things happens to popular bloggers (or to bloggers that just comment probably thousand blogs everyday for commenting back). And very often they have a huge amount of comments and it's too long to scroll it. I don't understand why people don't want change their comment's section if they know it's uncomfortable to comment.
Too short text. I think if you don't have an inspiration to write today, better don't do it today. Without text the blog loose the most interesting part about it. Exception: photo-blogs with very pretty photos with story / point that don't need text.
''I have perfect life'' lifestyle blogs. Mostly it doesn't inspire people, it makes them feel like their lives are crap. Plus, it looks verty fake, because everything knows (I hope) that perfect life doesn't exist.
Loud name of the post but inside of it is nothing interesting. I always see them in popular posts section on Bloglovin and was always interested if people like them before reading, because inside there is zero of useful information actually.
Copying other blogs. I noticed many bloggers want their blog will look almost the same as blogs they read. I think it's because they're afraid to be different. It kills uniqueness of blogs.
Little size photos. Blogs with big size photos look so much better and more professional. I always make my photos smaller (yes, I said it right) in editor and only then uploud to the blog.
Posts without any picture. Usually new bloggers do it. It makes a post boring. Adding a picture to the post will make it interesting to read.
Black background and colorful text. Sorry but your blog doesn't worth of loosing my vision.
New hard designs. Well some people love it. I know many bloggers want to have an unusual blog like nobody has, but I'm too stupid even to understand how to open the post I want to read.I prefer similiar templates sort of mine. Maybe it's looks not very cool and modern, but it's easy to read.


  1. All great points...I hope I'm not guilty of any of these!

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  2. That about the phone breaking and then your dad's phone too, wow, that's so strange! Good that you will get another! By the way, I agree with you about blogs. 100 pictures just the same way, I don't know why. I normally post one of face, one for nails, one for outfit, then shoes and bag and accessories. Maybe, just maybe, if I find it relevant to show one other side of the outfit, then 2. But I know some bloggers that post 7 pictures of the same outfit, but well, their choice. The perfect lifestyle, I know a blogger who has not 1 cent in her pocket - I am not joking, maybe she has a 100 euros, but that's all - and insists on trying her best to show she is rich. It's a fake life. The text - I try to write just a few lines because people normally don't read posts. And my pictures are short, cause that's the way I am used to do :) The comments I understand, but also, I don't know how to fix that :) I am sorry :) But hope you like my posts a bit :) Hope you are fine and having a nice week!

    1. 7 photos is okay I think. If I have a good photogenic day then I post around this amount. But I really mean 100 photos that make me feel I'll never fine comment's section.
      I know some very poor people too that buy pretty ''expensive'' things to prove people that they are cool and rich.
      If I remember it good your comnment's section is comfy to comment, so don't worry!

  3. I dislike blog with auto-play songs as well T__T


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