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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Things from early 00's I miss

I was born in 1996, so I don't remember 90's at all, only a little bit of early 00's. What a carefree time was... at least for me, as I was a kid back to that time. So I got idea to write about my favourite things from that time. It was fun to write this nostalgic posts and call to mind things I forgot a long time ago. Write below, what's you favourite things are from 00's!

Glitter hair spray. It was my favourite thing from all beauty products. I had many enough of those sprays. And I wish I had now, but it's hard to find them. I still think it looks pretty and fairy!

Britney Spears ruled the world. I'm 100% if it were early 00's now and Instagram existed Britney Spears had the biggest amount of followers there. I had no idea why Selena Gomez and The Kardashians / Jenners are so much more popular... Actually nobody knows.
I loved that time when she was so often on TV.

Fruit taste macarons. And here you probably get me wrong. I had no idea about those almond cookies in 00's. I talk about real macarons that were sweet. I miss banana and strawberry taste sooo much. I wish it was in shops again.

Bubble gum & fake tattoo set. My friends and I thought we look so cool haha. But there was one problem that their lasting was so short and later it looked like dirty skin and this was hard to wash off.
The main trend and rule of early 00's was no matter where are you going and what's temparature outside, everyneone snould see your bellybutton! At least this trend was like motivation for sport and healthy food for many people hehe.

Movies with Amanda Bynes. She's my fav, hpe she will back to movies. I've heard she's better, although I didn't check news about her a long time.

And Olsen twins. I thought they were prettiest girls ever. I dreamed to look as they look.

First ''The Sims''. Although new parts became more interesting and easier to play, I still adore the first part for a million reasons. I have Superstar and Makin Magic series disks. I remember how it was hard to become 5-stars celebrity. It was easier to become a star in real life the in ''The Sims''.
And do you remember these creepy calls? I forgot about them, but when I googled a picture of ''The Sims'', found it. 
But don' remeber that were pranks or something really happens after calls.
Rebelde way. I loved to watch these series and their music. Stores were full of products with their photos. I had many stickers with them.

And amazing cartoons. I'm shocked what my niece's watching these days.

I was happy af when I've got this pen.
Huge collection in sticker album. Mostly it was collection of my sister and I trade almost all of that collection from the album on something I don't remember, but my sister was angry and I understod that wasn't fair trade. 

Flip phones. They were pretty. When it started to be trendy to have smartphones while I still have a very girly flip phone I thought ''Ew they're ugly, mine's so much prettier''.

Everybody talked about Paris Hilton, not about Kim Kardashian. What's a fun time!

Face / ear stickers. I waswearing them in Indian style or around my eyes. I loved them. I feel so comfident and cool with them. I need them now hehe. As you see my opinions and taste almost never change.

Friendsip diaries. The most strange thing about mine that there were writing not only my friends, but random people. Like a neighbour of my grandmother and my Georgian neigbour, so I can't even to read what he wrote haha.


  1. Spears lost her crown went she went nuts and shaved her head that one year. That was so sad.

  2. OMG!
    You just posted my childhood there! REBELDE WAY 💓 is just the best series in the world!!! And Olsen Twins, and those stickers, and well. ALL you said was so true!!! 😻 I also miss it 😢
    Have a nice weekend my love!!

    Elena Suñer from Somniare Aude blog

    1. I even don't remember these series good now hehe

  3. Aww such a cool post! I grew up in the early 00s too and I remember all of these! Especially that pen was a dream lol

  4. I wore a lot of ear stickers on my face when I was a child! I was obsessed with them.

  5. Yes, I liked Amanda Bynes so much and that pink pen with the "kind" of feathers, I have, still! I also miss the glitter hair spray! I hope you have a very nice weekend!

  6. The only things that I don't miss from the early 00's is the fashion trends haha!

    Sarah x


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