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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Hello guys!;) Today I want to talk and share with you things about blogging I often hear from people. Hope you will like this post!
Blogger's life is the same as readers see it on photos. First, bloggers don't take photos so often. Probably a few shots a day is okay. One week I can take a few photos everyday and on another I don't take any pictures. Sometimes we have things to share with people, sometimes not. Sometimes I have weeks when I don't take photos.
And mostly I take photos of things that I just love how they look. My life is not just drinking a cup of hot chocolate with croissants, playing with animals and buying new clothes. I don't take photograps of 99.9% of what I see, no matter if it's good or bad.

Every review of products are sponsored. Everytime I write reviews for products I love and notice there are only good things I wrote, I think people will think it's sponsored. So it's becoming hard to write honest reviews in the world that's full of sponsored posts.
Any ways if I get a product for review, what a point to write good things if it's bad and you won't use it? Maybe if brand paid to you for this, but it's about really popular bloggers.
Being a popular blogger is the best proffession , as it's so easy. I think now all kids that dream to be a popular youtuber think like this. In my childhood my girlfriends wanted to be singers, models and actresses, also one wanted to be driver of bus, but whatever.
I've heard on TV that there are 2 billions people that want to be popular youtubers. I have no idea if it's tuth, but sounds strange and not very.
People really think it's easy to have a good blog / channel... Not true at all. It takes almost all your time, energy, good money and other things.
Taking photos takes a few seconds only. We all sometimes have these rarely moments when we have got a good shot, although even not tried very hard. But mostly, for me it's takes more than hour if I have idea of photos but don't get what I want. Sometimes (I mean very often) I get only bad photograps and I decide to take photos in another day. So some photos takes hours.
If you have more than 1000 followers you get thousands dollars every month. Maybe, but not from blogging. It depends on your views also, but noticed brands worry about followers more. I saw a blogger that had 2k followers and 4k views. So readers of that blogger checked the blog just twice. I don't know how it happened!
Of course, if you have thousands views you can sell things you want, to have ads on you sidebar or you'll get coins.
If you write about cooking (beauty, fashion, fitness posts e.t.c) is the only thing you do. I notice that when I see blog or instagram of person that paint (sing, coook, take photos of outfits...). I really think it's what that person do almost all the time, but actually it's so stupid to think this, right?
Readers know everything about bloggers. Although I say it's a lifestyle blog, I don't write a lot about life. Maybe just 1% of it that's interesting (yes, other 99% is really not interesing or bad, believe me). I think this item is mix of item #1 and recent one.
Everyone show only good side (okay maybe not everyone, but mostly). I think it's like ''at least on Internet my life looks perfect''.
Bloggers get tons of messages from brands and people that want work with them. Well, sometimes I get like 5 messages a day from people that interested in cooparation, but when I open them I see that one of them want I wrote about their brand for free, second say that can pay only via PayPal that doesn't work in Ukraine (that's why I never get money from blogging) and other says something else e.t.c. 
So you sould have thousands and thousands to get really a lot of them.
It's easy to get followers. My truth that people unfollow me more often than follow me haha. It's very hard!
And if somebody started be your ''follower'' doesn't mean  he / she will become your reader.


  1. You've gotten all these things so right! I can't find anything I don't agree with, people definetly have different views on blogging when they're not a blogger themselves! x


  2. Same with me and my reviews. It's the only way to review free of bias

  3. I agree, these are myths about bloggers which are NOT true :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. the last time look so bad. But maybe people like them is the one that really wanna have a lot followers without following anyone, bcs i've ever in that situation.
    yes blogging is not easy, you hav to work hard to get sponsoreds

  5. Your post is very honest and true! :) Love, Leonie from


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