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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I had a post like this one pretty a long time ago and I have mood for the second part. But it's a little bit different.

♥ Every morning when you wake up imagine things you want today. Imagine that you did all that and you're proud of yourself. It can be not only important job / study / something else things, focus on things you really you want to get. Like to meet your friend or re-watch your favourite movie, it will make more exited about new day and cheer you up . Also I really recommend when your goals seems too hard add one that's very easy like to eat a vegatable salad, it will activate list of your goals, as one of them is already done. This trick works for dream boards and similar things too.

♥ Listen to your heart, not people when it's only about your life and nobody's else. Heart often say follow big dreams or say strange things. I only learn to do this, so often ignore these signs. It happens probably everyday of our lives, like I often have feeling like I shouldn't go that way when and need to choose another road to that place I go. If I don't listen then I meet people I didn't want to meet, also very often I meet angry mostly homeless dogs, crazy drivers e.t.c. Once many years ago it saves my life. Seriously, I had feeling that I should go faster and if I took at least one step less then I did, I was dead. I was around 5 centimetres from a wall that fell behind me. It was just a second after I finished to go near that wall.

♥ Find people that have what you want. Read their stories, quotes, advices, if they're pretty famous or ask them how they did that if you know them. Figure out what they have that helped to get it, why they're better than you and at what you should work.
Learn so much of information about that human as it's possible. It give not only knowing better what to do for your dream but give belief it's impossible and everyone knows how it's important.

♥ Don't listen to people that say something that you want very much is impossibe if they didn't get it too. They just have no idea about your dream. You better know your dream and things you can do.
And actually it's just sort of instict of not sucessful people - not to give another people get what they didn't get, cause nobody want to be worse. Mostly they don't want even bad things for you, they just know nothing about things they didn't get, as everyone, better listen to people that have it.

♥ Stop save people that don't want to be saved. I'm sure that it's impossible to change somebody if they don't want. Believe me, if they really want this, they probably start to do something for this, if not, just leave it alone and do your business.


  1. You are really wise! Thanks for sharing the great insights!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. These are a really positive quotes!

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