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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Hello guys!!! ☺ I didn't blog 5 days (seems like for a month), as I felt bad and still feel not good. And also here was so terrible weather. Around a week it was so slippery and I needed to sit home, so, of course, I had no mood. Finally it's a few days when we've got a pretty nice weather and we almost don't have snow anymore, but on other side it bacame so grayeverywhere that I started to miss a snow.
Also a few days ago I told that going to buy a new phone and now I think it's almost a week of using a new phone and really happy that bought this one. It's absolute perfect. It has everything I wanted. I thought that probably will buy a Sony phone, because 1) I wanted a phone from Sony already around two years ago; 2) I have a camera and lens from Sony already 5 years and still works perfect. But when I started to looking for phones, my favourites were two phones from Bravis, so I just chose one of them. There wasn't a big difference between them but only one - this one has 13 MP camera, so it takes really nice nice photos. Only thing I was wondered about when I got the phone was the size - it's huge, it's bigger than iPhone 7, but it's okay, I love big phones.
So yeah, it was my gift to myself for Christmas / New year. It's almost the time to buy presents to everyone else. Shops already are full of Christmas things and tomorrow just saw how saleswoman were decorating a shop, so yeah, it's almost Christmas time. Do you make Christmas presents to yourself?


  1. You look lovely, loved the lipstick! I hope you are feeling better, the weather being cold makes us a bit "down". Hope you are not sick, and that you are enjoying your new phone! What for a great present to yourself! I am used to give presents to myself :) I think we deserve it! Hope you have a nice day!

  2. Wooow! Love your gift to yourself! Enjoy it a lot!

  3. My mom got her first smartphone today, she's very confused by it


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