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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Wanted to write a post yesterday yet, but while I did all photos it became so late, so I decided to write this in the morning. And now I can't stop watching shows since I woke up and was doing other things, but now I'm  like ''ok, ok I should stop to write a new post''.
I had mood for a gold makeup look as it's the last month of gold season this year that sounds pretty sad. I still have autumn mood and really not ready for December haha.
I was inspired by one really famous beaty blogger's look, but of course I didn't I can say it's total my favourite eyeshadow pallete makeup look, because I add shadows on my lips too. Remember in 20 beauty secrets post I wrote if to add to transperent nail polish some eyeshadows you'll get your own nail polish colour. The same thing with lipstick, but a liquid lipstick should be be a base coat and top coat or you will feel like you have really dry lips. If to mix it good, you'll get a real lipstick. I used AVON lipstick from ''Perfect kiss'' series (their lipsticks are really nice while their polishes last just a few hours... so bad).
So this pallete is pretty old I even finished one colour, I think I use it since winter. I found similar one (link) with almost the same colours. Plus I add yellow colour from another pallete. You can buy one colour eyeshadow here .

Have a good Tuesday! ♥


  1. Love this golden makeup. You look beautiful dear <3

  2. This makeup looks lovely! I really like the eyeshadows :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  3. Perfect make up! I really like the warm tone.

  4. you look gorgeous =)



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