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Saturday, November 5, 2016


My not favourite part of fall is here. It's rarely sunny, blue skies and hard to find at least one not bold tree. The worst thing that after 3 p.m. it's dark, so if I really need to go somewhere or want to walk I should do this fast, if I don't want have a deal with homeless dogs that become more angry when it's dark and it's so windy every weekend. Although now we have +3-4 C only every day during recent two weeks.
Sorry that's a little bit late for having two days blogging ''break'', it's all because that darkness and short fall days, I hardly have time for my daily businesses...

♥ Make a hourly plan what do you want to do. It's really important to write all down in your phone or little notebook and bring it always with you. If you want your plans become your reality. Mostly if people don't have a written plan, they get nothing from what they want.

♥ Spend so much time on free air as it's possible. My position is that day without walking is not good day. Free air is my number one thing that cheer me up. Don't forget how it's importan for your beauty, health and mood.

♥ Control the time you spend for watching shows / series / movies / videos and writing different interesting but useless information on the Internet. Give yourself hour or two (and add in your your written plan). Don't you feel bad when you had whole day like this? Honestly I feel so shitty and useless after this.

♥ Ignore pessimistic people that always make you feel so bad. Just for day or two, ok? I know it's hard when they around you. Just always remember that you have protection from them and nobody can spoil your mood. Don't take seriuosly what they talk and smile.

♥ Check your list of things you wanted to do this year. Find what you didn't and start to work at this. We all know better late than never. Imagine how you'll be proud of yourself you'll do what you wanted. Mostly people do only little from their promise list. Don't be one of them, be better!

♥ Sport is always good idea. Choose what you like. I still try being sporty although I'm human with disibilities. I prefere pilates. I don't have many variants, actually. So don't sit on your favourite ''throne'' if you're healthy and if you're not still don't do this too!

♥ Find a cool recipe you never tried. I recommend to make sweets. It's always fun to make them and as you know sweets make us feel happier. Or you can make a cool salad you saw on Pinterest, but haven't tried yet. Easy and still amazing!

Hope you have fun this weekend and this post made you feel a little bit better! 


  1. This is a nice post. Thank you for your tips! Baking is always a good idea to have a better day. :-)

  2. I spent my Sunday painting, it's tiring

    1. Understand you! Especially when I don't get a drawing I want and already spend a lot of time on it...

  3. Great ideas. I'll always try to avoid negative vibrations... happy and positive people are the best!

  4. That's so true, it's good to have fresh air and to control the amount of time ones stays in front of TV, computers, etc... and also pessimistic people! Then fall will be excellent! Hope you have a nice week!


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