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Friday, November 25, 2016


Yaaay, friday. My favourite day of a week. And also I love sundays. Yesterday I still felt bad, so missed another day of blogging. But I hope I won't be sick anymore, cause I was already was around two weeks sick and I'm so tired of thid. It's really hard.
1. So my illness made me to think that I really need to think more what I eat and start to eat more healthy. So I already decided that the whole December before holidays I should focus on drinking water more and eating healthy products. But when holidays will start it will be hard. Because New year holidays mean a million of salads, chocolate candies and many of traditional meals. 
2. Also I promised to myself to workout more, cause I gained a weight recently and I really don't like it. I've even got stretching marks and half of my pants are too tight. My challenge for December to go back to the shape I was, although I'm not really not sure how much of weight I gained. I just want my pants weren't tight, at least. Even winter holidays with a bunch of tasty food never make me to gain weight. I'm really confunsed about reason, maybe a stress.
3. It's hard to believe that in 5 days will be a winter. Way too fast! Also I've hears here we gonna have a real winter, because it should be snowy very soon, so pobably we will have a snowy December. I really like one thing about that week we had a snow recently - it was so much ligher and was light to 6 in the evening, while now it become dark at 4 and it makes problems. Like yesterday I woke up pretty late and when I did my all home business and it was too dark to go somewhere and result I've got is that angry homeless dogs were barking at me twice that day. I was really afraid.
4. Speaking about today's things I want to do. Every Friday is my favorite show Ukrainian top model. It's actually only snow I watch on TV... I mean I still watch this on the Internet hehe.
But before now I'm gonna have a big cleaning right now + I'm going to do all beauty things, like bath, nails, face care... Typical relaxing Friday evening. Also gonna work at the next post and social media. Really hope that I won'r feel b ad anymore will write the new post tomorrow.
5. By the way, about social media. Today I tried the new thing for me. Really funny app. I love ''Comedy'' section. I've got around 100 followers although I did nothing hehe. It's really strange.;)

Have a great black friday!


  1. Such a wonderful post :)

  2. i love posts like this, where you can actually read interesting random thoughts!

  3. Try taking multivitamins. I rarely ever get sick

  4. I love random posts like these, I love to read them and to write them too! haha x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  5. Great posts! enjoyed the read :)

  6. Great thoughts. Healthy life is really important and sometimes we don't take care about it.

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