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Friday, October 7, 2016

What I Learned from Owning a GUINEA PIG | BLOGTOBER #4

Hello guys! I guess many people want to adopt guinea pigs, because they are really cute and kind animals, so I'd like to share some information about which I had no idea before I owned a guinea pig. So here are some things you should know before you get a guinea pig. 

1. They are louder than parrots. Well, most of the time they are very quiet, but when they are exited about something, they can wheek sooo loud. Usually it happens when they ask something (to play with them, to give food) or when they hear than somebody went home.

2. So yeah the next thing is that they are really happy when you come back home and wheek loud. I think it's such cute thing!

3. They need vitamin C, but they can get it enough from food they eat. So you should buy vitamins for your pig.

4. They eat only fresh fruits and vegatables, so yeah, they are vegans and raw foodists. Even don't try to give something else, probably your guinea won't even smell it. This fact wondered me cause my rats and hamster loved to eat everything I eat. Especially something unhealthy and sweet like a chocolate or an ice cream haha.
5. Some of them don't need water at all. I was shocked. I thought everyone needs water. But some guinea pigs get enough of it from food they eat.

6. They are super friendly. You need to give them a lot of your time and love. They hate being alone.
The best thing if you'll get two, then your pet won't feel lonely.

7. They don't smell too bad like rats. So don't even worry about this.

8. They are afraid of height, so be careful with this.

9. They need to run at least 1 hour a day, so don't keep them only in a cage. It's not a good thing for their health.

10. They are super afraid of fucking everything hehe. So they will always shout at you when you will cough or do ''kiss'' sound to them or after other different sounds that annoy or scare them.


  1. I'm not surprised they're scared like that

  2. very cute! I have two gpigs myself xx


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