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Friday, October 21, 2016


Hello guys. I was in the village and took some photos for even not only one blogpost, so you'll see other ones later and I like those ones even better, because I took these photos when I was still so sleepy after the road. But I found some photos where I'm looking awake haha.

I've got new clothes which I ordered when it was still warm and I didn't expect that it will be frosty and so windy so soon. Yeah I took these photos when it was 4℃. Like in winter!
So it was cold in the light leggings and t-shirt. Can't wait for warmer times to wear it, I think they're great for an everyday outfit. Both pieces I ordered on . T-shirt with a scull print is out of stock but you cand something similar HERE (link) and leggings with fake patches HERE. They are very cheap, by the way! Really recommend it!

By the way, do you believe that vision of how ''a photographer'' see  ''a model'' decides how the model will look on photos? If I've heard this for the first time I've thought that's not true, but it's the thing I notice everytime somebody take pictures of me. I look very different on photos depends who take photos of me.
I noticed that when it does my sister, I look like I gained 10 kg and always have bad face on those photos. I've a thought maybe it's because my sister is one of those people who always worry about her and other people's weight. She always  says I should to lose weight since I turned 9 (that age I stopped to be skinny).
But everytime when my bestfriend take pictures I become skinny. I don't know how she do it, but I like it. She always that want to have a shape as I have.
While if I want to have a pretty face on photos I should ask to take pictures to my dad, that's why I love when he does photos the most!
Any way, my favourite way to take photos is that one with my tripod and remote, this way I feel the most confident and it feels on photos. But here is the bad side like it's hard to focus right. So on the most of photos I took with it I'm out of focus. Especially it's dark and very windy as yesterday when I was taking these photos!
Tell me if you noticed similar things! I found some information about and many photographers say it's true.

That's all I wanted to share with you in this post. I miss writing hehe! We will talk later in the next post. It won't be very long for this time, because I alreadyl!!! xx


  1. You look beautiful. I really like the jacket and the whole casual vibe of this look!

  2. Cool post, have a lovely day!
    Love Emina


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