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Monday, October 31, 2016


Hello guuuuys! Happy Halloween! Hope you have great plans for this day/night! On this Halloween I have mood to watch something about Halloween but not scary. I'm not very afraid of scary movies when I'm watching them, I just will be afraid of every noise during next weeks haha. Once I was afraid even so much more after a really scary movie.
So I decided to share my Halloween favourites and some of them in my ''I want to watch this'' list, but I've heard so many good things about them. I think it will give some ideas what to watcvh to you!

The Family Addams. One of my favourite TV families. They gothic but still funny. They are really cool! Especially I love Gomez Addams! All episodes will be good for Halloween, cause for this freaky family every day is Halloween. By the way, I never watched old ''The Family Addams'', but I'd love to!

Hocus Pokus. I remember that started to watch ''Hocus Pocus'' and watched only foirst minutes. So I want to watch the whole movie. I know everyone

Teen witch. Really one movie from all my list I've never seen. But I really want. It's a movie from 80's and it sounds interesting, so check this out!

Ghostbusters. I've heard about the new movie, but I haven't seen it, so I really recommend 2 parts of ''Ghostbusters'' from 80's. I really love these movies!

Edward Scissorhands. I haven't watched this one so many years! This one is probably the cutest from my love. When I was a kid I was in love with Edward haha!

ParaNorman. I think I've seen this just the last year for the first time and I really looove it. Great cartoon for Halloween!!!

Casper. No matter what will you choose, cartoon series and movies about Casper are amazing. But I prefer the movies!

The nightmare before Christmas. The best thing about it, it will be great not only for Halloween, but for Christmas. I love these vibes in the cartoon, but my niece adores this cartoon and it's really good!

Corpse bride. Say me better a Halloween cartoon than this one! I think this one is the best! It's so amazing! Probably my second favourite cartoon (after Shrek).

Sabrina. The teenage witch series: 1x05 (A Halloween story); 2x07 (A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It); 3x06 (Good Will Haunting); 4x06 (Episode LXXXI The Phantom Menace);  5x07 (The Halloween Scene); 6x04 (Murder on The Halloween Express).
One of my favourite series and Halloween episodes are my favourites, although there are a lot of interesting episodes. If I remember this good, then Halloween episode from season 3 is the best. I'm gonna re-watch this today! I already watched one Halloween episode for Halloween mood and gonna watch more this evening / night!

Do you like scary movies? What do you like to watch on Halloween?


  1. I love Sabrina the teenage witch so much xxx Great choices!

  2. Nice post dear!
    In love with almost each of the series/films you have meant without some ones I did not have idea about but, I am going to see it someday :)
    Have a wonderful Halloween night!!!

    Elena from Somniare Aude blog

  3. I remember when Casper first came out, pretty big for us kids in the 90's

  4. Very interesting thanks for sharing

  5. I saw almost everything! My fav are hokus pocus and the addams family <3

  6. Great films. I love Tim Burton!

  7. I watched Hocus Pocus yesterday! It's such a fun film :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes


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