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Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Nightamare That Became Reality | BLOGTOBER #1

Hello guys. I decided to do Blogtober series during this October. I enjoyed to write Blogmas series during the last two Decembers, so I've thought that it might be great to do this month. I just really want to blog daily and write more lifestyle posts, cause I'm from those people who have no idea what they have doing yesterday, so it's good idea to make me remember my whole month.

Actually I had such a fun day on October 1st. All day I've walking with my sister Luda and my niece Eva. We were at a million of shops, cause my sister wanted new shoes and we went to the pet shop to which I gave my all baby rats and their mom. I just wanted to visit them, I was sure that they still have a few of them, but turned out they sold them all out. But actually today I wanted to write about something different what happened to me 3 days ago.

My dreams and nightmares never come true, so I never take it serious too and I was wondering everytime when my mom worried if she had a nightmare. But 3 nights before I've got nightmare too, although on the next morning I thought it's just a stupid empty dream. Who knew that it will come true just in a few hours...

This nightmare is short to tell, actually.
In my home appeared (I don't know how) an animal that probably doesn't exist in reality, but from all animals I know it looked like a chinchilla the most. But it was so much longer and bigger. It was probably longer than a cat, but pretty short in altitude. It was fluffy and snowy white, had big ears and eyes, sounds pretty cute, right? And it was, but that creature had such a strong bad vibe. He tried to catch my guinea pig and my Bambi was running from him as quick as it's possible. In the end I gave a food to that creature that will kill it, but I already never seen my guinea pig after. Probably it was too late...

On the next day just after I had this dream during late dinner time I was talking with my aunt by Skype and kept Bambi in my hands but my laptop suddenly turned off and in that second the guinea pig started to have convulsions ( I thought it just hiccough first minutes before I noticed he's really going to die). After it he haven't just runned from my hands to the another part of the room, but it even looked like he was flying, because he runned so fast as in that dream / nightmare. Then I still thought it's hiccough and it why he runs (because he's afraid of it), so I just went to the kitchen to get a bottle of hot water to warm him while he was in my bed under a blanket. First time I put him to the bed he jumped from it an again started to run on the floor but for the next time he finally lied and stopped to have ''hiccough''. And when I went back with a warm bottle I've seen that he's feeling so much worse and he's really dying and I already can do nothing to save him. It made me cry so hard. He already couldn't move with his head but he was still ''running'' from something in one place, as he couldn't really run anymore. He was with closed eyes, but when I've touching him, he opened them and looked at me. The last time I've seen him alive he was still running in the same place but I should go open the door to my mom that went back from her work. It took me just a few seconds but he already died when I went back to the room.

I really don't know why it happened, if he was really sick or it because those days were really cold , maybe something else. Today's only the month when I got him, but he already died a few days ago. He was young.
I'm pretty sure that one of reasons was that fact that I bought him just in a few days after my rat died. I found information that we can adopt a new pet only after 50 days after the death of our pet or new ones will die very fast or will be very sick.
Actually I had no plans to buy new pet, but I went to the pet shop to give my 11 baby and not only rats I've see this one and it looked so adorable that I couldn't do nothing with it.

Now I realised that this rule of 50 days really works, but I had no idea about it.
My hamster died in June (he was 2 years old so it's okay for hamsters), less than in 1 months I've got as a present two rats and one of them was pregnant. I wanted to leave only one rat (that was a boy) but turned out he was very sick and died in 1,5  months and then I've got my guinea pig that died too fast.


  1. Oh no... after your pet died in June, now this one... so sad and what for a nightmare... I use to think that nightmares or dreams are sometimes premonitions... we never know... really sad that :( I didn't know about the 50 days rule, I never had pets :( I hope you feel better and that you have a better week now!

    1. Yeah 3 of my pets died this year. And 4th - baby rat but in my sister's home just after 1 day of being there.
      Thank you!!!!


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