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Monday, October 10, 2016


Today I decided to do something different, because as I said recent two days I was with my friends but I wasn't taking any photos, cause I didn't bring my camera and phone. But I found one cool fall tag I've never seen before. I've thought it could be funny to write tag, cause I wasn't doing this a while. If nobody tags you, it's not reason for not writing tags at all, right, haha? Any way, I tag you if you read this. So you can do this too, if you like! Let's start!

1. Bath and Body Works candles or Yankee candles?
I'm not a fan of candles at all, actually. I'm just like really afraid of fire, so I use it only when out electrocity turned off. I mean I don't use it at all, but my family use it when it happens.

2. Favorite fall accessory?
Now when it's becoming cold and windy hats and beanies save me. Cause when I go out without a hat in windy weather, I have problems with my hair haha #longhairproblems. Also I love to wear scarves - light or knitted... I love all of them.
And also my faux fur bag that I found in a thrift store this summer.

3. UGGs or Moccasins?
I don't wear them both, it's hard to wear them for me, but I like uggs. Especially when they of pastel colours, it's cute, but I think it's more like winter shoes when it's snowy. The best shoes for autumn are boots!

4. Fuzzy socks or knee socks?
Definitely hanmade knee socks. They are so cosy and warm! ^_^ I'm almost always wear them I'm home.

5. Favorite fall food?
Apple pie, pumpkin pie or pancakes. Hot chocolate from drinks. And I adore mashrooms!

6. Red or pink lips?
As I love bright eyes, lighter lips are better with it, so pink lips.

7. Winged eyeliner or bold eye shadow?
Second one. If you don't know that I love eeshadows, you kno nothing about me haha!

8. Natural/cold/light or bold/warm/dark makeup?
I love dark makeup... Don't judge me I'm just makeup lover;)

9. Apple pie or brownies?
Brownie is the best sweet food for me. Nothing is more tasty than a good brownie.

10. Would you rather cook the food or eat it?
Eat, of course. I'm really bad in cooking! Better don't give something to cook!


  1. Replies
    1. I tried it, but it was hard for to dress. I should try again!

  2. I don't like candles either. I have a solar-powered lantern to light up the room when the power is out. It also uses AA batteries as backup

    1. Mostly people use it for their good smells.
      Cool useful thing, but any ways it just happens a few time a year, so it's okay.


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