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Saturday, October 22, 2016


As I wrote before I was in the village two days ago I wanted to take some photos on nature there. I expected there will be a lot of yellow and burgund trees, but I didn't found even one autumn tree. All trees in the villages still green and it's the end of October! While here in my city everything in yellow leaves (I don't know where is sweeper this fall, bu it looks pretty) and I'm sure that on Halloween all trees already will be bald here.
That day I also tested my new and already favourite blouse. Not the best thing to wear these cold days, but if to wear warm with warm jacket, it's perfect. I love print so much and this lace with little beads around neck and arms. Plus it's black and white, so I can wear it almost with everything. 
This blouse is already out of stock at a online store ( I bought it. But you can find similar blouses HERE (link).


  1. You look great!

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  2. Wow, I really LOVE the pictures and your Outfit!

  3. Beautiful eyes and picture s:)

  4. This is a really warm October... great blouse! Love the elephant print!

  5. I love the print on your top. You are so beautiful <3

  6. By me the trees are green too :) I like photos in the nature, they are always so nice! You look lovely! And I also loooved your new top! I love elephants! Hope you have a nice week!


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