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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Hello guys, somebody can believe it's Halloween in 6 days? I thought the previous one was a few months ago, no, haha?
Any way, recently I decided to try to cook something that will be good for Halloween. So I decided to make candies. It was my first experience of making candies, but lucky one, so I really recommend this recipe to everyone. Really very tasty! 

biscuits 150g.
marshmallows 120g.
black chocolate 100 gr.
white chocolate 100 gr.
food coloring (if you want colorful candies)
  1. Lubricate a deep bowl with a litle bit of butter and also can add milk for better melting of marsmallows. Put marshmallows into a microwave oven for a few minutes.
  2. Crush cookies into tiny crumb.
  3. Mix melted marshmallows with cookies. Add little pieces of chocolate.
  4. Make little balls. You can put the balls to a refrigator for one hour (i missed this step and it's still okay).
  5. Melt white and black chocolate in the same way as marsmallows. Don't forget about butter or it will burn.
  6. Cover sweet balls with chocolate and give them to dry.
  7. Time to draw and decorate our candies. I drew with help of knives, but you can use whatever is comfortbale for you. It will be so much easier if you special thing for drawing on food.
  8. Put in your refrigator for a few hours.
It's ready! Now you and your close people can enjoy tasty candies. My family really liked them!♥


  1. Love it! Definitely going to try this <3


    <a href="></a>

  2. ooh!! These look like cute!! My birthday is right after Halloween, so I'm even more excited about that too! :)

  3. These are so perfect for Halloween. I love the different designs and they look so delicious.

  4. Perfect for Halloween! I must try it!

  5. Looks so cool!!

  6. Such a great idea for Halloween! Very festive :)

  7. ah, you should make step by step how you create that cute candies with a picture :D
    because i really wanna try :)


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