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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Recently it were not very good days for blogging, so I didn't blog as often as I planned. But in today's post I want to talk about dream boards, my experiece and things I learned about it.
I decided to write a post about dream boards, because a few days ago I realized that I don't have a dream board already many years, so I've thought why not to do new one, cause it really worked for me. 

For this time I decided to draw my dreams, cause actually it's really hard to things you really want in magazines. And I had a not very experience with it. 

Many years ago my dream was to get my own laptop, as then my sister and I were using one computer and her boyfriend (now her husband) was in her room everyday from morning to night and she didn't like when I was with them, so actually I almost never used that computer during those time. 
Also in those times I've heard about dream boards for the first time and decided to try to make my own. In that age I used to read a lot of magazines and spent all my money on it, so from my huge mountain of magazines it wasn't hard to find things I want. I found a photo of business woman that talking on the mobile phone and texting something on the laptop, so of course I cuted this picture for my board and a few months later I realized that I have the same mobile phone as she has, although I didn't wish it. That phone was a present. So we should be really dangerous with these things and glue / draw /pin only things we want.

Maybe two years ago I had a board which I didn't call ''dream board'', but my ''inspo - mood board''. Mostly there were pretty clothes, makeups and inspirational photosessions, photos of some my favourite celebrities. I had no goal to get things from that board. There were just nice things that inspire me and make my mood better when I was watching at that.
After a few months I realized that I have all clothes from this board (I didn't buy anything, I've got all clothes as presents). Actually on my board all clothes were from designers and mine from usual brands, but it looked almost the same. So yeah, it works even you don't ask.

And now I want to give tips I learned while I used to have dream boards. 

1. Some people say that your dream board should be in place where nobody will see it and some people say it should be the place at which you watch many time during your day. Well I can say better it will be the second version, then it will be in the place nobody will find it. 
Once it was on my сabinet around my bed, so I often looked at the board and probably two times I had dream boards inside the cabinet, but I was looking at them ver often when I was looking at something in the cabinet. It worked everytime.
2. Add some inspirational quotes on it. Why? Because sometimes when we have bad mood and we look at our board on which a lot of things that hard to get, we think that we will never get these things and we unconsciously send a message to universe that we don't deserve this.
But when we have inspirational quotes around it make us ''don't give up'' and understand that ''everyting about what you dream cab be your reality too''.
3. You can not only draw, but write things you want. Write it like it already have. Not ''I want to have a good expensive car'', but ''I'm so happy that I have a car I dreamed about. Thanks to universe. If you will write in the future tense it will be always just your future, never today's day.
4. You can add to the board your photos and write something like ''it's my life''. Better to write your name too.
5. So much better, easier and faster to find photos you want for your dream board on Internet than magazines. But I don't mean to use a virtual board. No, it doesn't work that good. Use a printer or a flash drive and in a stationary / computer shop you can print it too.
6. Add things on the board which you'll get very soon. It can be anything, like a chocolate bar and then you go to buy that chocolate. It will activate your board and you will manifest things faster.


  1. I don't have a dream board but it sounds really interesting and it could be great to activate my creative mind.

  2. A dream board makes really sense!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. Love it! I just made one too and I love adding things to it constantly.


    1. Experts say that all things be already together and don't add anything. It just what I've heard. But if it works for you then it's great!


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