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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Oops I should already to wrote blogmas blogtober post #3 (as 4th day only started), but sometimes our plans go not like we plan. Especially, in days where everything is fail. Everyone has sometimes these days, right? So it's why I didn't blog after the first blogtober post, so I want to share how I thought my day will look like and how it really was. Write below if it happens often to you... I think I have a few days a month of days like this.

 Expecation: wake up early enough not to hurry to my university and have time for a breakfast, choose an outfit and to give all things I need in my bag.
Reality: my mom woke me up around 30 minutes before an exam, but I had no idea about this as my phone turned off and have no a clock in my room, so I was already late when I was still dressing and had no time for my breakfast.

Expectation: I'm not very late for the exam and everything goes good.
Reality: my teacher is sick and then lesson is canceled and I'm only one who doesn't know this and went.

Free time.
Expectation: I have 4 free hours. It's a lot of time so I can do useful businesses while I will watch my favourite shows.
Reality: 4 hours were like a few minutes and all this time I felt tired and sick and had no mood for anything to do. And I almost had no time to dress before the next lesson.

Outfit and weather.
Expectation: Weather will be still the same as the morning, so I shouldn't spent a time for another outfit.
Reality: Weather becomes a few times warmer and I should choose and dress another outfit from the bottom to the top and I'm late again.

Second lesson.
Expectation: I'm sure this lesson won't be canceled cause I've seen that teacher in the university a few hours ago.
Reality: I'm only who went and the lesson in canceled. Again.

University paper work.
Expectation: I need to ask my main teacher about a dimploma works and other things I should write. Any way she's close to that building I ''had lessons''.
Reality: I got strong strange pain, so it was more clever to go home.

Expectation: I didn't do anything useful all day, I should be really productive during the evening.
Reality: I felt sick and sad because of it and I've doing actually nothing. I even don't remember my evening now at all.

Expectations: I should eat something like a light vegatable salad and natural tea and then I will feel better.
Reality: Two buns and a cup of hot chocolate is healthy enough, right? Haha.

Expectation: I didn't blog yesterday, but I decided to write blogtober series of posts, so I should write a post today, any way!
Reality: Started to have stronger, so I decided to use some medecines and go sleep, because I had no energy at all, although it was not that late.


  1. expectation vs reality.... this is the real life! xD

  2. Loved this post!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. Our weather here is slowly shifting to autumn

  4. Omg! Sometimes the days don't go according to plan, but tomorrow is always a new day :)


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