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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


It's real fall already outside. Most of trees already changed their green colour to yellow and other autumn colours and this night was raining, so it's strong leave falling now. And I'm scared that just in one day trees started being almost bald and I still didn't take autumn photos I wanted. Hope I still have a few extra days hehe.
I'd like to write post, cause it's middle of the autumn, I have mood for really fall posts and now I again have expactations / reality things in my life everyday. I'm sure I'm not only one, so tell me if you had similar situations too.

♥ Autumn romantic vibe in the evening
Expectations: crunch of dry leaver under autumn boots, little frost and wind. Perfect atmosphere for walk with friends or lonely walks with favourite in you earsphones.
Reality: my reality is that when I already did all my home businesses and dresses, it's night outside. No, I mean I don't dress so long, just in some autumn days darkness become around 4 p.m. The most annoying thing in autumn. And second the most annoying thing in winter (after ice).

♥ Time to try new hairstyles
Expectations: autumn is that time when people are back to study, maybe some on their works after holidays, so we love to be pretty in this time. Also as it's not hot anymore, it's time to try new hairstyle.
Reality: my reality is that crazy wind destroys everything and after that my hair even doesn't look like hair. Sometimes in colder days I wear hats (recently everyday) that don't do better.

♥ The best time for cool outfits
Expectations: I really think autumn is the best time to wear pretty outfits. Cause it's not so hot anymore and also we can wear more accessories like scarves, gloves, beanies... We even wear more jewelries in auumn.
Reality: while in reality here it's sooo hot in September that we continue to wear our summer outfits and on the next day it's as cold that everyone should wear our winter jackets and knitted hats. No sweater weather!
Autumn 2014
♥ Photosession on bright colorful nature
Expectations: It's the best light and just vibe for photosessions now. No sun already but no that white snow that easy can spoil light on photos. A little bit dark days with fog makes great atmosphere on photos.

Reality: bright leaves on trees just a few days, after they becomejust bold and it's raining more and more with everyday so it's hard to go somewhere to take photos.

Expectations: in my town we have a lot of Halloween parties in night clubs, cafes with scary decorations on this holiday, we even had parade of people in costumes the last year.

Reality: and usually I never go to events I want, because everyone go with someone and I never have someone to celebrate or when I have people don't want to do things I want, so...
Or already three years in row I sit with my niece on Halloween.
One of my first photos I took on my camera
♥ Beautiful leaves on the ground
Expectations: it's so pretty when everywhere yellow, orange and burgund leaves. It makes that grey weather to be so much brighter

Reality: reality is that just after first leaves falling screen-wipers throw leaves in a heap of trash and leaves. Well, now it looks ''better''.
By the way, my whole childhood I was jumping with my friends to that heap. Although I haven't doing that too often as other, cause I was afraid that my mom will be angry at me for dirty clothes. Somebody was doing that too? 
I'm really interested if somebody do it in other country, cause it's so popular in Ukraine.

Perfect early mornings
Expectations: many of us should go to work or study early. So we expect that we will wake up early, will have a lot time for a good breakfast and other morning little things.

Reality: but here is reality. Housing house turns our house warmth out only today (yaaay!), all those weeks before I barely could wake up, because it was so cold that I never wanted to leave my warm bed. It's the first time after all those cold days when I write post and my hands aren't cold as ice.
Snowy autumn 2014 (just for two days)


  1. Love expectation vs reality posts. They're so funny and, of course, so reals!

  2. It's hard to find halloween events for adults

  3. Thanks for this post and the beautiful pictures!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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