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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

6 Things I Need For Home | BLOGTOBER #3

As I missed one day of blogtober because I felt really bad 2 days, so I had nothing interesting to write, cause these days I just was home and tried to rest. So I think it's better to share my wish list for home, as we going with my parents to change a little bit home during autumn and winter. Hope everything will be okay! Decor of my home is very important for me, cause when it looks not very good it makes feel depressed, but I can't do everything. I can't deal with heavy furnitures or make repair alone, so I should wait for a help of parents when they will have time for this. If I could do this alone, I did his like 2 days, because buying new furnitures and change home decor is like two of my favourite things in the world.
1. Curtains. In my previous home wish lists I wanted a tulle and I already bought it a long time ago, then I had no idea I should buy new curtains too. But after I adopted rats and went to my sister for a few hours, they destroyed one of my curtain at all. It had so big holes and that fact that their cage were near curtains and metal sticks of it have destroying them too everytime I cleaned there. And it has spots because my dye for eyebrows #dontblameme.
Actually I have new curtain in my cabinet. If it will be good for my room, it will awesome, if not, then I should buy new ones, that awesome too.

2. Mirror. I really wanted a big morror in my room for time, but it's really like no place for it, but if we change things, maybe we'll find a little bit place for it. Because only big mirrors I can use is in bedroom of my parents, but there is so dark awful light. Also in our halfway and bathroom, but again - light is not good enough and they are not that big.

3. Carpet. I thought I'll bring a carpet from my previous room, but turned out it's too small. So again maybe we have a carpet that I will use for this room, but better to buy something new. Cause this one is really spoiled recently and hard to clean.

4. Furniture handles. I have a nightstand in my room and it really needs a paint and furniture handles for, I absolutely don't want buy new one, it will be funnier to make this one look better.

5. Wallpapers. These wallpapers we still have now were choosen by my sister yet, as it was her room before she married. So actually I never liked these wallpapers. I mean it's pretty nice, but what I want. Now it started destroyed and with a little help of rats I had too. So can't wait to change it. It's like my wish number one for my room.

6. Stickers for walls. As now I have my sticker ''Dream untill your dreams come true'' above my bed, I will miss it if I'll have an empty wall. Definetly want something again when I will have new wallpapers.


  1. I love stickers for walls. In fact, I have one that says " Follow your dreams" and I'm obsessed with it!

  2. Nice post dear!!!
    kiss from ITALY


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