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Sunday, September 18, 2016


 Heeey guys. It's the time for night blogging! I didn't blog yesterday and today till night, cause people love destroy my plans hehe. Any way, hope it won't happen tommorow. Also I want to take some new photos for the blog before new posts. I hadn't used my camera since I took photos of my new pet more than two weeks ago! I think that lost my habit to take pictures. I have to create a goal to take photos everyday before I'll have this habit again. 
But today I want to share what I want will happen as soon as it's possible. I have 10 things! Write something you're waiting for too below!
♥ Autumn snow for a few days. A little bit strange, as it's only the start of autumn, right? I'm not ready for a snow for a few months yet... although I'm never ready for this, but for a few days, it must be cool! Usually in my city we have first snow in November that last around three days. Sometimes it happens in Ocober.
♥ Fall thrift shopping. Thrift shopping is my favourite type of shopping. I love that vibe in thrift stores (in good ones). Fall is the best time for this. At least because there are a lot of cool sweaters and jeans. Also very cheap warm jackets! I've never bought them there, but I should one day, they are so good, and cheaper than in stores in a million times. And of course I love to find interesting books in English that cost almost nothing. Seriously, usually it's less than one dollar.
♥ The time when I already passed all my fall exams in my uni. My studying starts in 8 days, so I still have holidays and don't study, but I'm already tired just after one thought about my univercity. And it's 4th year of my studying, so I'm going to get a diploma (I hope) and have no idea how I should do all these things, pass exams and actually I have no idea what it will be this year of studying. I'm so not exited! I just want to finish it asap!
♥ Autumn weather. I'm in love with foggy rainy weather. Especially to walk this time. This weather have so special vibe.
♥ The time when I'll get my autumn clothes I ordered. Some of them already must to be here soon. Can't wait to show you guys! And can't wait to start to wear my new cute warm jacket!
♥ New fall episodes of my favourite shows. Autumn is a season of new episodes and just new cool shows. It sounds like a main thing to love autumn haha!
♥ Falling of leaves. I love watch how slow they fall. So pretty! I want to take a lot of photos of autumn nature, because it's beautiful!
♥ Halloween decoration everywhere. I've never noticed any Halloween decoration probably before the last year, but the last year almost every shop and cafe had Halloween decoration. I love creepy decoration and all those pumpkins, bats, spiders. It's just a my thing!
♥ Halloween together with my niece. Don't remember more, but at least three recent Halloween I was with my niece and it was always fun! And Eva already asks about Halloween since the summer, so I think we will celebrate it together again this year too!
♥ Repair of my room. I'm pretty sure it will happen in the winter, but some things I'm planning change very soon. Like I throw my old TV and change my curtains. Maybe somethings else, but hope in winter we will make a real repair in my room. So exited!!! Actually decorating home and buying furnitures are prbably my favorite things to do!


  1. These are some really great things to look forward to
    . Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Halloween is one of my favorite parties because it's my husband birthday and I celebrate it with all the family. It's always funny!

  3. Halloween in my childhood was awesome. Trick or treating has decline in later years because of "safety" and kids now go to the mall or those trunk of treat things. But those were the best nights of my life going door to door

    1. It's sad! In Ukraine it becomes more and more popular with every year recent years.


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