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Sunday, September 4, 2016


 Guuuuys. Finally I'm here. I had no ability to blog, because something strange happened with my Internet and I was almost never home. First days of autumn were busy and interesting. And I feel very motivated and inspired to do important things. I'd like to make a list of goals to be more organized. By the way, do you make lists of your goals for a day, a week or even a year? I'm not sure If I wrote goals for this year on the blog or in my notebook, but going to write this for the autumn that already started. Can't believe it, that season of colorful trees, sweaters and Halloween is here. Sounds crazy enough, because I feel like Christmas was not so a long time ago, so I need to do many things if I don't want to feel in the winter like I lost a year.

Find a home for my rats. Weeeell this one is done, but as it was my goal and I did it this month, so I think I need to write this here too.
Yeah, I don't have my rats anymore, as I needed to do this, because I can't keep 11 rats as pets. I will miss them... Especially their mom I had two months. But any ways, I'll show someone who you haven't seen yet. Probably in the next post!

So I want to talk a little bit about blogging. I want to be more active as a blogger. I think this summer was not very good time for writing often. 
Now I'd like to blog daily, any way, if I have a time and desire for it, why not?

I want to write some posts with certain themes and write them often (every week, every second week etc). I have some different ideas, like DIYs or recipes.

One thing I really want to start to do at least for me again is writing a summary of my week. I've doing it before the last spring, but stopped. Yeah, it's really hard to find interesting every week. Everyone has bad or just boring weeks. But I should to try again. I'd really recommend to write this for you too. It's a great motivation.

One importhant thing I need to do is check my post out after I wrote before to publish it. I never do it and as a result I get a million of mistakes.

I want to visit some pretty cities. I think autumn is the best to do it!

Back to drawing. Yes, probably I said it on the start of the summer, but this busy summer didn't give me an inspiration for it. So I decided that the autumn will be a perfect a time for this!

Back to workout too. June was amazing for it before I started to learn languages and forgot about this. Ah it's so hard after a break! But it's so important forbeing healthy and pretty.

Drink more water. I drink not enough. It's so far from enough, so I need to do this for my health.

I should decide what I want to change before a remair in winter.

Have a fun. To make memories.

To fix all the problems before the winter.

Well... to make some good autumn photos, of course! 

 Almost two years before.



  1. hope you achieve it:)

    jess x |

    1. Mostly it's not so hard, I hope too, thanks!

  2. I need to check my posts before publishing too but I'm so lazy... maybe this autumn!

    1. I thought I'm only who is too lazy to do it haha

  3. Such a lovely post! So good that you found a home to the rats! But also sad that you don't have any rat anymore, sad :( Your goals are very good, to have fun, work out, solve all things before winter! Hope you achieve all! Hope you have a nice week!

    1. Anyway now I have guinea pig, so it's okay! I hope you have a good week too!


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