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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Ah guys, finally I'm here. Almost all week looked at works of other bloggers. while I was doing nothing for the blog. Actually almost all these days I was sick and it means I was weak and I had no any strenth to blog.
And now since this Monday I have a session in my university, so it's pretty busy period. Also I'm really glad that I finished my front teeth at a dentist (a few days ago I broke my front toothso hard and it looked so bad that even spoiled my mood for all these days). Guys, today I had so strong pain in teeth, as never before. Only thoughts about this make me cry again. Yeah, I cried... and screamed, because it was awful, but now it's over.
Now I want to share some photos recently.

 These ones I took when I walked all day with my niece and asked to take photos, so she took some good photos and a million of blurry ones and of my legs haha. Actually I think she's great photographer for her 5 years.
She really liked her candy - ring. 
Never seen something similar in my childhood, but in that time I had a candy-bracelet.
Love this photo, although the quility is not the best, because, although, you can't notice this, it was already very dark. Good that we had a few minutes for taking pictures and later we have running to our house, because it was scary and all these homeless dogs, so we wanted to go home as soon as it's possible.
Also with her I has thrift shopping and found a cool t-shirt with holes and that looks old, but it's actually new and nobody wore it. Can't wait to wear this next simmer!
And my second purchase are tights, because only tights I had are violet ones haha. So I needed something that I can wear with my all skirts and other clothing.
By the ways, it was even more expensive that the t-shirt. Probably it's a good brand. I don't know,actually, but a quality is perfect. And it's great for autumn cause it's not transperent.
Other thing is that I took a photo of my guinea pig Bambi  on which he actually looks as in reality. He's so dark that it's so hard to take a picture of him!
 In one shop I found cute artbooks so I bought them for motovation to start to draw. I even had no a paper to draw at!
And it was I get. It's ok for a human who the last time drew a million years ago. Hope I get better drawings next time.


  1. I can't draw to save my life. I wish I was an artist

  2. These are really nice photos! :) I like with the kid haha. Welcome back Anna. :-)


  3. I know what you're talking about. The last time I felt pain in my teeth I thought it was turn me crazy! I'm happy you feel better now.

  4. I liked the drawing! It's vivid, nice colors! Loved your niece with her candy ring! Never heard of such a ring! So sorry you were sick and had tooth ache. Hope you are better today! Tooth ache is not good, for sure. I hope at university things are nice, you look lovely! Yes, blogging takes so much time... sometimes it's overwhelming, yes! Hope you have a nice weekend!


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