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Saturday, September 10, 2016


Yeah, this article sounds pretty predictable and many bloggers write similar posts, but I really wanted to share a post about autumn, cause it's started and I even already saw first yellow leaves. And I'm so inspired and in love with this beautiful season. So these are my personal reasons why I adoooore it.

Sound of fallen dry leaves when you step at them. Probably my favourite sound ever haha! Ain't i strange? I don't know why I love it. But I love this atmosphere when it's a little cold air, colorful trees around and I go at dry fallen leaves. Also it reminds me a childhood when I with my friends loved to lay at a bunch of fallen leaves. Maschroom season. Can't wait to go to the forest this year to look for mashrooms. If you didn't know, I'm biggest fan of mashrooms. It's one of my favorite things to eat. So yeah, I can't wait! Hope the season of rains will be already this month!
Romantic vibe. As I said I really love this autumn atmosphere. Everything seems so quite, cosy and inspirational this time.
Grey magical weather, often rains and fogs, beautiful fresh air.
Season that inspire the most. Also all this fall vibe inspires to make an art and work. So probably (I hope) I will blog more in the autumn than this summer.
Halloween. It's only starting to be popular. It's still not too popular, because although mostly young people love the idea of this holiday, old people never heard about this one or really hate so hard. They think it's the holiday of Devil.
I did my first and probably last time ''trick or treat'' with my friends and it was awful. One old lady probably wanted to kill us haha. It was so scary.
Okay, I should explain - Ukrainian version of ''trick or treat'' saying translates like ''candies or death''. Sounds like a serious intimidation. Probably poor old lady was scared of it.
Start of new episodes of my favourite shows. I can't wait for new episodes. Here are too many shows which I watched from the start to the end. I need new episodes haha! Autumn is never boring because I always have what to watch.
The most colorful time of the year. So sad it lasts only around two weeks, not the whole autumn. I need not forget to take a camera to walks during this beautiful time of this year,
My favorite weather. Yaay it's finally not hot, but not cold yet. It's a sweater weather, so it's perfect weather. I think weather when we can wear our favourite sweater, jeans or skirts with tights and boots is the best.
Autumn fashion is the best. I said everything about it before, but also can add that also every autumn fashion designers give us great new fashion ideas to try and I always love to try something new I haven't tried before.
And the best season for photography. Winter makes everything too pale and white, spring is too dirty and everything looks grey and ugly after a snow and the worst is summer - summertime shades can kill beauty of everything.


  1. Beautiful photos and good reasons to love autumn. My favorite season is spring because the weather is perfect, there are no bugs yet, and all the flowers and trees are coming to life. The dirty part you described is not entirely spring...just the very beginning of it. The same could be said of fall once the leaves drop off and everything is brown and ugly until winter when the snow flies.

    1. I love all seasons, but I said that autumn is the best for photography. Actually I love summer the most.

      Winters in Ukraine are very long, it mostly snowy to first days of April, so it's dirty and gray almost the whole spring. And it's often become to be snowy in October, when leaves are still on trees. So here autumns better. I even don't talk about that ice that usually in spring.

  2. Halloween is ironically more Christian in roots than Christmas and especially Easter is. At least in the Western World, the Orthodox church of Eastern Europe wasn't as liberal with combining Jesus with holidays of a pagan Europe.

    Halloween is a spin on All Hallow's Day/All Saints Day

    Halloween is really popular in America (pretty sure canada) as well but some countries know of it but are not big on it. Australians typically don't celebrate it as a whole, they think it's too commercial

    1. Thanks for sharing! Really interesting!

      Almost all holidays are very commercial, but I think it's ok and even better that it is.


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