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Thursday, September 8, 2016


Heeey, I was going to write this post yesterday, but something went wrong, so I'm writing only now.
In my goals for autumn were to write sometimes summaries for week that are over. So I'm gonna write sometimes these posts like on the start of this year.
I saw some bloggers do it weekly and I love this idea of posts. I think to start writing after first seven days of fall, not since Monday is a good idea, cause a new season is always a new chapter.

RIGHT NOW: Right now I'm decided to write this post, because I was going to write this in the morning, and before I was going to write this posts yesterday, so it's the time for it. Also now I'm going to have my late lunch and post a photo on my Instagram, because I noticed that I didn't post anything 6 days. I'm always not very active there, cause I always think that I didn't post day or two, but turning out that are inactive weeks #timefliestoofast .
WEEKLY CRAVING: When I was in the pet store and I've seen there some cute fluffy guinea pigs, I fell in love with those babies. I had no plans to buy a new pet, but I did a spontanius purchase. 
Also this week I wanted to buy a faux leather or just warm jacket for the autumn and I found this beauty. Can't wait it will come to me!
Trendy Collarless Long Sleeve Faux Lambswool Women's Coat
WEEKLY BEST THING HAPPENED: The best thing that happend this week for me is my new pet. So exited about this! It definitely made my week!
WEEKY WORST THING HAPPENED: Since the first day I felt the change in weather. Now you never know what willin one hour. It's very hot at a day, but cold in a nighttime. So I became sick after one cold evening. I was really sick 5 days, not it's almost over.
WEEKLY THOUGHT: I have pretty weird thought this week abou that I really miss a snow. Just a spontanius strange desire. I don't want that it was the end of this year now, but I'd like to have a good snowy walk.
WEEKLY BEST PURCHASE: Of course my guinea pig and some clothing I ordered online are good enough too.

SONG OF THE WEEK: Melanie Martinez - Tag You're it. I've heard this song before but Melanie did a music video for this song recently, so it made me to re-listen to this and I looove it.
BOOK OF THE WEEK: Now I read the first ''Twilight'' book and I'm on a half of the book, although I started a few days ago. Very easy and  interesting to read. So sad that a movie cuted so many good moments from the book.
After I'm going to write other parts of ''Twilight'' saga.
SHOW OF THE WEEK: 5 season of ''2 broke girls''. Yeah this week I've watched all episodes of this season. And really like it, especially the last episodes. So exited about season 6!
THIS WEEK IN A FEW WORDS: Snuffle, bye-bye to rats, hello to my new pet, the last days of ''summer'' holidays and progress.
WEEKLY MOST POPULAR POSTS: Everything about my pets have more views:
GOALS FOR THE NEXT WEEK: Workout everyday, focus on squatting, to go to the first lessons of this year, drink more water,  blog daily and don't forget about strength of a thought, be positive and progressive.


  1. I really want either a pet cat or guinea pigs... unfortunately my parents don't think I am responsible enough!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Yeah, I asked my mom firstly too and she said no and I any way bought it hehe.

  2. I know you had to say bye bye to the rats... and it's nice to see, you want more guinea pigs! Hope you can accomplish it!

  3. Your pet is so cute! This jacket looks fantastic for autumn!

    1. Yeah, I think it will be perfect to wear it before it's not too cold.

  4. I made my wife read the whole Twilight books before she got me to watch the movies with her. Didn't really matter but I just wanted her to read more.


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