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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Yaaay, 4 days ago I've got a new pet - black fluffy male guinea pig. I've never had guinea pigs before. Actually I thought that they act almost like hamsters, but turned out that they areso different. Of course, guinea pigs are more interesting and clever.
But my niece Eva said that they are boring, because they don't want to escape, so she doesn't need to catch them. Yeah, pretty boring for kids... But I love it! Yesterday we've watching a movie together around a hour and he didn't move all this time and stared at the screen.
Now he is still is so afraid of everyone and every sound, but it gets so much better every days. Yesterday he even started to cry / shout while I didn't pick him up at my hands. He's defenetly already loves to be at someone's hands. 
One of the many things about guinea pigs wondered me is that everytime someone new enters to the room, he starts to make strange sounds. I thought that maybe it's because he's afraid of them, but I googled that and it says that guinea pigs like ''to say ''hello'' to everyone''.
I've never understanding why people called them ''pig'', turned out that they make sounds similar to sounds of real pig pretty often. But mostly his sound likev sounds of birds. Like an owl or something similar.


  1. My guinea pig died a few months ago... :( But she live 6 years with me :) Don't forget give him vit C! Lots of hugs for you !

  2. Какой чудесный пушистик! Такие милые глазки-пуговки)

  3. I must confess that I never heard an owl in person, I have an idea how it is. Your fluffy friend is really so sweet, and always in someone hands - like babies like, too! Guinea pigs are really so sweet! Hope you two enjoy a nice time together!


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