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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


 Well it's becoming pretty scary for me, because it feels like the last New year eve was extremaly a short time ago. Yes, already many things happened. It's okay, cause it's 9 months. I never felt that a year was going  as fast as this one. 
I was pretty happy with my year and my results before the last days of June. The death of my hamster that lived two years together with me was so hard. He was old and sick, his death was not a suprise, but it's all feelings we can't handle. I was suprised too that I was so emotional during a long time because of it. Very good that since those days I started to go the English courses with Americans. And my head was filled with only thoughts about studying... at least, for a few weeks. And later I was upset had enough because people a few times and my new already favourite pet just died in a month after I adopted him, cause he had a disease, but I was not already too sad. Any way, this summer was emotinal in a bad way.
Sooo as it's already the autumn, I want to be more organized and positive and make a list of things what I want to do before the next New year eve that will be, oh gosh, just in four months... I was sure that the last one was three months ago. Any ways it's my list for the rest of the year:

  • To be creative. I mean things like photography, drawing, DIY, maybe even makeup and not only. Art is what make us lives brighter. Autumn is perfect for art.
  • To make my teeth. When I say to make my teeth I mean, first, to treat gums and holes in teeth, to ask a dentist what I should to do to make my teeth streight. I have a big a problem with one of my teeth on the top and a few teeth on the bottom. I even think about pulling out that tooth and put a new fake one. Because dentists say that here is a chance that braces won't help. I don't want to waste all my money on a thing that won't work, you know. Plus, it takes a years. But, hello, I'm twenty, not twelve anymore, and I want straight teeth now, because I'm so tired of being ashamed even to laugh all my life. I don't want to wait. And in the end, I want to find a good method of teeth whitening and use it. It's pretty hard to find, actually. Mostly it hurts and doesn't work.
  • To work on my other flaws. I was lucky to get a million of them ah.
  • To be better on blogging and social medias. Cause I even don't feel that I deserve those almost 30 000 followers on Instagram. I post photo very rarely. I was busy all day yesterday and I opened Instagram and saw that there are new 100 followers just in a few houres. I was like ''I even do nothing for it and my account is not good enough, what the hell''. Any way, it motivates. So I will working on the blog, Instagram... I have 43 ideas for a blog posts right now. So it should be okay.
  • To make my room looks like a room of my dream. Without carpet I hate with all my heart, without the TV set that doesn't work a few years, without these old wallpapers I'm tired of. Can't wait!
  • To try new thing as often as it's possible. Cause it's always interesting. No matter what, it can be a food, country or just a new place in my city I never was yet.

And 1001 of other things..... Like to be serious with my study in the university, workout at least 4 times a week, but more better, drink more water, walk more, worry and cry less;)


  1. Great look!

  2. Those are some great goals. 30,000 followers on Instagram? That's amazing! I post daily and struggle all the time with getting new followers.

  3. I hope you achieve all of them! ;)

  4. It is noticeable you didn't had a great summer but look it always on the positive side of all. Making this list of things you want to do or achieve is a nice first step as it is studying English. I am also a bit negative so I always try to do my best on the "positive" side of all :) Think that: If you want, you can; this is my aim.
    Good luck with all and smile!!

    Elena from Somniare Aude Blog


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