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Sunday, September 18, 2016


Yay, it's a pretty special day for me today... I've got 30 thousands followers! I almost haven't used Instagram all day and when I came back from my walk I've seen that there already so many people clicked on button ''follow''. Crazy! I know now in our time it's not a really big deal, but as for me it's a big number, as I'm not famous human. I thought it will happen later, if it will happen at all, but recently I started so much more followers. More followers you have - more followers you get. Sad truth of Instagram, blogs and other social medias. Some bad profiles get a lot followers, while nobody notices little good ones.
As I have this Instagram since spring 2014 and before I had another Instagram in 2011 - 2012, I think I have enough of experiece to tell some tips. So if you're interested, here are some:

If you want to get a lot of followers, your Instagram shouldn't look too personal - make pretty photos, edit them good to make them better, show your talents and don't uploud only photos of yourself. It looks selfish and not many people will like if you're not their favourite celebrity.

People often ask me what apps I use for editing. I use only Instagram. It has very good filters and other details you need to make your photos better. It's enough for editing, if you're not going to photoshop your face and shape heh.

People mostly love to follow Instagrams that have a theme. Like a Tumblr style theme, one filter theme, blogger's theme. Yeah, a lot beauty and fashion bloggers have too similar Instagrams that looks kind of ''I have a perfect style... and life too''. It looks for me like people want to prove to somebody (or everybody) that they are cool. Actually they are so similar that I never follow them, even very popular ones. 

I've heard that photos with a blue filter will have more likes. I've tried a few times and it doesn't work. People love colourful bright photos, as it's eye-catching. 
Any ways my favourite colours are dark and pastel ones, so I don't care how many people like it. The main thing is that I will like my photos.

Try to add some good hastags below your photos. Use those that millions of people don't use, because nobody will notice your photo, when every second there are 100 new photos. So just forget about #instagood #selfie #l4l. By the way, here are exist a lot of good hastags for bloggers that work!

Take pictures of cats, everytime when you see them. People love cats! Ha!


  1. A BIG congratulations, dear Anna-Alina! You deserve it! It's because you are a sweet girl, you are real, authentic, you don't pretend to be what you are not. I know someone who does everything to get more followers, pretends to be what she is not, and is not even close to half of your numbers! So you see, you are doing it right being genuine! Hope you have a very nice week ahead!

  2. Thanks for sharing! 30k is a big number. Congrats!

    1. Sort of ... but I don't feel that, as I don't have thousands like from them. Thanks!!

  3. Wow! 30K is such a huge number. Congratulations!!!

    Augustin Ra • Indie Spirit


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