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Friday, September 30, 2016

3 Movies To Watch This Weekend

 Heeey guys. Recently I watched some good movies, so I want to share with my list of movies I enjoyed to watch. I had mood for films from 80s / 90s. So it's not very new, but it's easier to find good movies that were filmed in that time than in our time, so it's why I decided to see these movies.

Green card
Urban horticulturalist Brontë Mitchell (Andie MacDowell) has her eye on a gorgeous apartment, but the building's board will rent it only to a married couple. Georges Fauré (Gérard Depardieu), a waiter from France whose visa is expiring, needs to marry an American woman to stay in the country. Their marriage of convenience turns into a burden when they must live together to allay the suspicions of the immigration service, as the polar opposites grate on each other's nerves.
My opinion
Well, firstly, I like actors - Gerard Depardieu with who I watched many movies when I was a kid and Andie MacDowell which I knew only as a model from L'Oreal TV commercial, but turned out she's a good actress too. The both were very cute in the movie.
Also the main idea of this movie (or second main idea;) ) that Bronte trying to get a green card with a help of marrige with American woman makes this movie pretty unusual. At least, I've never seen something similar.
This movie suprised in a lot of moments, so it's not a movie when you can predict what will happen next and I love it.
If you like good romantic comedies from 90s, you will like it!
Three years after divorcing Jackie (Susan Sarandon), the mother of his children, Luke Harrison (Ed Harris) decides to take the next step with his significantly younger girlfriend, fashion photographer Isabel Kelly (Julia Roberts). But, when the flaky Kelly meets Harrison's children for the first time, their fierce allegiance to their mother is obvious. Try as she might, Kelly fails to endear herself to her young charges -- and to Jackie -- until a looming family crisis changes everything.
My opinion
Actually I'm 90% sure that I watched this movie before, but a long time ago so forgot almost everything.
As it's drama, there are many things that make to worry about main heroes of the movie, but there are funny moments too. So if you have mood for easy fanny movies, it's not what you're looking for.
I really love work that did Julia Roberta and Susan Sarandon, they are really good actors.
And the story is so awesome, reccomend to see this to everyone!
Only the Lonely
Rose (Maureen O'Hara) dearly loves her adult son, Danny (John Candy) -- but when Danny meets Theresa (Ally Sheedy) and falls deeply in love, Ruth feels threatened. Desperate not to lose her son to the shy young woman, Ruth uses dirty tactics to keep the two apart. Danny is perplexed as to what he should do, so he consults his friends Patrick (Kevin Dunn) and Sal (James Belushi), who give him some skewed advice. Now Danny is torn between what his loved ones advise, and what his heart tells him.
My opinion
Real reason why I decided to see this movie is John Candy, who doesn't like him? He's so good in this movie! As always very funny and cute!
This movie is full of romantic and fun moments. I've laughing a lot! 
I think this movie has also a lot of unexpected moments too. It's worth to watch! 


  1. I've not seen any of them but the first one looks great.Love the actors!

  2. Step Mom is such a tear jerker! I can't resist a good John Candy movie either. Fun picks!


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