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Monday, August 29, 2016

My favourite moments from MTV VMA 2016

I'm still sooo sleepy after this night because of VMA. Yeah it's hard to find later so I decided to watch a live stream... and live events are always so much interesting. I started to watch the red carpet since 2 a.m. and watched the show to 7 a.m. I had no idea it will be so long. But this show was amazing! Probably the best VMA yet, although this show is always good, so who knows, who knows...
I want to share in my opinion the best moments of the show. It must be interesting if you haven't watched the show.
Let's start from the start to the end!
1. Actually it was the day of Rihanna, cause she was getting MTV Michael Jackson video vanguard award - the main prize on VMA. So she perfomed 4 times and singed short versions of almost all her famous songs.
If to be honest, I like only the last perfomance, because in that one she really sounded great, but look at these outfits when she opened the show. So pretty colour!
2. But my favourite looks on the stage were Beyonce's looks, as usually, althought I'mnot a fan of art, but I love what she wears. It always loooks luxury!
Look at this fur! <3
Um hope it's the faux fur!
3. She perfomed a few songs from her last album. And everything that was on the stage was beautiful! I can say that was perfect, but twerking destroyed this... It's one of the reasons I don't like Beyonce ''very hard''. 
But any ways, her perfomance was probably the brightest this year.
4. From all looks of Britney that evening I prefer this one she wore when she was looking at the show.
She looks so good in white! But this necklace and shoes are perfect!

5. The start of her perfomance with shades and it was magical. Especially when the shade looked like a pretty long dress. 

6. My favourite singer since childhood (Britney) singed one of my favourite songs recently ''Me, myself and I''. I didn't expect this! So nice suprise! Turned out this song sounds amazing with her voice.
7. Rihanna's last perfomence was so so so and again so good! Especially the last song sounded the best. I've never heard that one before!

8. But also I should say the look and decorations for it were great too! It looked so pretty! Very-very!
9. Drake gave the award to her and it was the cutest thing ever. Especially what he talked about her. Since that moment I really ship them haha!
I even cried a little bit. 
Yeah I was so emotinal when I've watching VMA 2016 heh!

Did you watch MTV VMA this year?


  1. I never do. Nor any award shows for that matter.

  2. Wow!!! Es impresionante el vestuario de estas divas!!!! Me han encantado!!!

    New Post!!! Ayudame pinchando en una de las palabras rojas del post porfi!!! Feliz semana!!!!!!

  3. aww love that drake and Rihanna moment too! They look so sweet :)


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