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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


These babies grow up too fast, so I wanted to share some photos I took recently. I did these photos only a few days ago, but they already look not like this. They are almost like their mom now. As they are more than three weeks amd eat everything I'm trying to find people who would like to get them. I can keep 11 rats in the house haha! Yes, not 13 rats as I said before...
One of the babies my sister gave to her as she has a little daughter, but it died on the next day... They gave to him to run and some bad things happened.
And other rat (their dad) - Khonsu died 4 or 5 days ago... I already wrote that that he had Mycoplasmal. When I got him he already was sick, but noticed this only the recent three weeks, so I tried to save him all this time. I've giving special medecines to him and keep in a warm blanket almost all the time. Because when he was losing his temperature and looked like he's going to die, it helped. But I don't know if I had chances to save him. It was the high extent of the deasease.
It makes me really sad cause he was my favourite rat I was going to sell everyone, but not him. 
So now probably we will give one of these babies. I like black ones more, like that one on the last photo. Such a cutie!
But now my goal is to find people who want to get rats. I had no idea it's so hard! I wrote about selling them on around 10 sites, but I got calls only from people that live in other cities or who want white rats. 
I should to go to some pet shops to ask if I can give rats to them. Hope yes, because if no, I have no idea what I will do with them!


  1. Ah, so sad that Khonsu died... and another rat... but 11 are a lot, yes. They grow so fast, just "yesterday" I was reading about them for the first time, and then now they are growing so fast! I hope you find a home for them!

  2. Wow, very brave of you to keep rats.

  3. Love them. They're really cute! And I love your eye makeup too.


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