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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


 My grandmother's cake for me:

 Already wearing one of my presents -  a bag.  Really what I needed. How cool when people around know what you want. Some other gift I'll show later;)

I got third cake in the end of the day. Paradise. Haha. <3
My niece wanted to sleep in my room with me and said that she's waiting for Halloween, so we decided to watch ''Thw nightnmare before Christmas''. The whole next day she singed ''This is Halloween, this is Halloween...'' haha.

Sorry photo of worse quality than usually. All photos of me are taken by my 5 years old niece that forgot how to focus hehe. So I think it's not a problem.
Any ways, I think I saved the photos with a help of photoeditors, they were so dark, like the last photo. I'm not a kidding.

So two days ago was my birthday, already my 20th birthday. Pretty important day. At least for me. 
Actually I had zero plans for this day. Till the evening before guests went I cleaned and cooked some dishes. I  thought it's going to be short quiet family supper. And I was even angry almost the whole day before the evening, just because the cake we baked destroyed. Now I think I just was nervous hehe.
But later everything was perfect. It was super fun. Some guests I didn't expect to see, visit us. And I just really had very funny days that was full of suprises and laughters. I even forgot to worry about turning 20. So I still have a great mood after my birthday. 


  1. Happy birthday. Best wishes for turning 20.

    Keep Calm and start writing -

  2. Happy belated birthday! It's never a bad day to watch that film haha :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  3. С Днём рождения, красотка! Пусть все твои мечты исполнятся!

  4. Happy belated birthday! So great cakes you got, the one that your grandmother baked was very nice, I bet! Your niece does take good pictures, I didn't find them bad. You look really beautiful! Hope you have a great evening!

    1. i didn't said bad, but black and of bad qulity. I tried to save with a help of photoeditors so its not now that bad

  5. I only found your blog just now. Happy Birthday to you! Your photos are beautiful. I love rats, I had a pet rat a couple of times and they are so sweet. Now I have a cat...another animal I love. :)


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