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Sunday, August 28, 2016

10 My Random Favourite Things ATM

Heeey. This crazy summer is amost over and I'm 100% sure that I will blog more since now. In this post I'd like to tell about my favourites at this moment. All these things I started to like in August, so you can call it ''August favourites''.

♥ Headphones G.Sound. On the next day after my birthday I decided that I need to buy something to myself as a birthday present. And my first thought that I need new headphones. I decided that better if it will be big ones, not little earphones that work one month. 
How good that I found headphones with a pluggable cable. As because of cables 99% of headphones and earphones stop to work. So if it will stop to work, I'll just a buy new cable.
These ones also are very comfy and soft inside. And I love this stylish denim design. And they are great for trips, because they fold and don't take a lot of the place.

♥ Foundation EVER LASTING from ORIFLAME. It was one of the presents I've got from my mom on my birthday. 
I didn't expect it will be work so good for my skin! It's perfect - light but still cover all things you need to cover. One layer for zones I'd like to cover is enough for everyday, but if it's 2 layers it cover everything.
Usually I don't use foundations in the summer, as the sun make my skin look better, but this summer since June my skin become really awful in a zone of cheekbones. And nothing changed during 1,5 months, althought I bought a million of special creams. I thought it simple pimples, so of course usual anti-pimples creams didn't work for my skin. Only now in the end of August it started to disappear after I started to use some other special creams.
So this foundation really saved me this summer. Cause I really had no desire even to leave my home and go outside. And it's one of the reasons why I wasn't active in blogging - cause I couldn't take photos with a skin like that.
Nail polish from BornPrettyStore. I already talked about this one. But for this time I decided to take pictures with a help of daylight, not my camera's flash. So now I can show you a real color of my favourite nail polish at this time. And yeah, it's the gel nail polish and you find it HERE.

♥ Watching all parts of Harry Potter. In August I take a week for watching all Harry Potter movies. I watched some these movies, but not all (first ones usually) and had no idea what the end of this magical story.
And now I became a real fan of Harry Potter. Such a great movies! I even cried probably twice when watched the final seasons, because they were are so sad... I didn't expect such a final. Only the last minutes of the last movie were finally happy.
♥ Sing Street movie. I looked for some newest and good movies, so I decided to watch this and now it's one of my favourite movies. It's really good. If you like 80's vibe or just love music and even not, you still should to watch this:D Because it's great! I love the story, actors, this 80's vibe, style and music. And no, it's not musical. I hate musicals, it's just a movie about teens, their problems, dreams and of course music. Watch this trailer:
♥ Don't trust the bitch in apartment 23 series. I've got recommendations to watch this show, so I checked this out and looove it. How sad that the show is canceled and has only two seasons (and first one is very short), so I already saw all episodes. I will miss this show, especially the the main actress and the girl she played. She's great in this show!
♥ ''Ukrainian supermodel'' show (third season). I add to this list my today's favourite thing, because I watched it for the first time today and it's really my favourite show now. I love both two seasons, but I really think that the second winner of the show bought the first place or I don't know how it happened. Any ways, I see that the first show is going be interesting too! Can't wait for Friday to watch the second episode!
♥ White chocolate with strawberry crisps Weisse Erdbeer. Do you want to hear a honest opinion? It's the best chocolate in my life. Probably it's even better than Milka with Oreo crisps.
♥ Banana juice. My favourite juice is banana juice. And it's not very easy to find it, but I found this one - ''Dizzy'' in the shop where are different food from other European countries. 
♥ Chocolate with cornflakes. Again white chocolate. If you wondered why so many white chocolates. It because my niece, we spent a lot of days together recently and we went to shops to buy some sweets, because she's a kid and wants sweets everytime, while I had no any sweets since my birthday is over. 
My niece chooses everything that pink, white or yellow, so it's the real reason.
I forgot about what I talk. Yes, this chocolate is amazing too. I love the mix of white chocolate and cornflakes. Unusual enough! But the first chocolate with strawberry is better!


  1. That candy looks like it's really good. Love the sparkly nail polish too :)

    xo Azu

  2. I've never been a fan of the big ones, too much weight on my head. But the really really nice ones do tempt me

  3. I used to watch that series as well! But I think I understand why it got cancelled..
    * Instagram * Facebook *

  4. Such a cool glitter nail polish!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. Los auriculares son una pasada!!! Me encantan!!! Guapisima!!

    New Post!!! Ayudame pinchando en una de las palabras rojas del post porfi!!! Feliz semana!!!!!!


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