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Friday, July 15, 2016

Meet - Roxie and Khonsu

Yaaay! Yesterday I've got my new pets - two rats... I had to say two really big rats. I've never thought that one day I'll say this haha!!!
Everything happened very spontanious and I haven't planned anything. Just got a call from some of my relatives that said that they haven't ability to have them now, so the just going to throw them out. I couldn't make this happened, so I took both rats home. 
Both are very kind and cute, but they bite each other every minute. Boy has a lot of big maims. So now I have two choises - keep them in the different cages or to give one of them to someone. Actually it's realy hard for me to have two very active big rats in the same time, so I'm really not sure what will be next. But now it's what we have. I already gave them names - Roxie for a girl. I think this is a nice name for a very active rat and I just really love this name. And Khonsu for a boy because he's sphynx rat. Khonsu is a name of Egyptian god of moon, travels and time.

Do / did you have ever rats as pets?


  1. omg they're adorable!! :)

    Xoxo Jessy

  2. awhh soo cute, I love the names! My friend has two rats as pets, I have two westie dogs and they are cute!

  3. The names are super cute and I think it's so kind of you to adopt them. Hope they'll get along.


  4. I never had any rats as pets, never been one to get rats, hamsters, gerbils, or ferrets

  5. I would love to have a pet rat. They are so gorgeous! xo

  6. Great post !

  7. My friend has rats, they are fun, but fight among themselves and sit in different cells


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