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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


 Our little team - Alina, me, our teacher Whitney, Nastya, Katya and Lena. (It's not all girls, two girls missed that day)
The last day of our classes. Sorry for my not happy face. I was sad that it's the end.

So finally I write this post after almost two weeks after graduation. Actually I waited for other photos from a photographer to show you more photos, but I can't wait anymore, so I just showed these few photos I have.

As I wrote a few weeks earlier these are two weeks English language with American teachers. These classes created by American organisation special for Ukraine / Ukrainian people to help me to know English better. Feature of the classes to learn American English language that we hear in songs, movie e.t.c. , not as our American teachers say English English language we learned in school:D Interesting thing that classes are free and I only paid 50 grn (around 2 dollars) for registration, but believe me they gave us so many different things, like a book, diploma, pens, SD disks, American food... Everything costs so much more. All teachers are volunteers and didn't get a money for learning us English. 
Also here is another difference between this school and other schools - religion. All lessons were in the church, we singed some songs about God and organisator of these classes Michael talked sometimes about God. That's all. Nobody made us believe in something we don't want bealieve or pay a lot of money, as some people thought:D After some religious talks many people stopped to go to the courses - first days the church was full while the next ones it was getting less and less. But it looked like everybody was there when it was a time to get a diploma.
Now let's talk about things I got / learned because of this school!
First thing is of course people. I met a lot of beautiful people - Ukrainians, Americans... it doesn't matter! I was in really good relationships with girls in my class. I'm really glad that I was in Whitney's little girly team and she was my teacher.

By the way, about Americans. Did I learn something new about Americans? Absolutely no! They're actually the same as actors in American movies and every bad and mostly good things I've heard about them are true. Only thing I thought that Americans speak quieter than Ukrainians because all movies / shows I watched in English so much quieter than Ukrainian ones. Turned out they speak the same, but in English.

Another thing that really wondered me - I really understand what Americans talk. And not just in general. I understand every single world. Of course I still don't know a lot f worlds, but during two weeks of courses I've heard only a few words I didn't know. This fact wondered me too.

Any ways, this school helped to learn new words and new phrases, although our lessons were focused mostly more on pronouciation than learning new words. So actually I didn't learn a lot of new words, I just know a little bit more words now.

What I really learned is pronuncition. Now I'm more confident in pronuncing words after hearing how native speakers say them. Turned out I pronunced some easy words in a wrong way like ''differerence, rarely, dance, stomach, hurt.'' and a million of other words. By the way, Americans correct somebody very rarely, even they are their students. For me it's not very good thing, because I'd like to be corected for knowing how to say it right the next time. I've heard this fact about them before, but now I now it's true.

 A thing that wondered me too that I'm not nervous and even pretty confident when I speak with native speakers.

And they absolutely undestand me. I thought that nobody will understand me at these courses and I pronunce almost everything in a wrong way.

I enjoyed talking with people from another country. It's always interesting! It was my the first time of talking with native speakers in English... probably. I can't be sure.


  1. Wow, you learned so many things, about Americans and I think it's fabulous that you go to these lessons. The price seems very good and knowing people there is amazing! I hope you go on studying, because this is really great. A friend of mine studied in a city near Moscow and later she went to other places t study at universities and now she lives in her own apartment in London! So learning languages are really a ticket to know other cultures! Back from the computer and blog crash!

    1. Cool! Probably it was her dream! Very happy that you're back!

  2. English is one of the tougher languages to learn. Some dumb people here think they speak American... It's a dialect not a language.

    1. Really? I've heard it's one of easiest languages to
      Haha it's really weird, I had no idea that somebody in America thinks so. My mom asked when I've going to these classes if Americans speak American or English language, but I think it's okay that she doesn't know thisbecause she doesn't watch American movies, shows etc..

  3. What an amazing experience! Your English is great :)
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  4. Lovely post Anna! Your English is amazing and this is such a great experience. Loved this post xx


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