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Thursday, June 16, 2016


Hello guys, I noticed that I have a habit to write once a two days. I'd like to write everyday now when I have a lot of free time, so yeah, I'll try to do it! Any ways, now I'm seriously inspired to blog and have a lot of different ideas for the next posts.
One of them to share with you ''my secrets'' how I stay always positive. I'm one of those strange people that when walk, they smile, while other people are confused why she doesn't look like she's angry at the whole world. I know this, cause two days I saw one girl that have smiling to everyone and it wondered me, because 90% of people in my city are really rude to strangers.

But firstly I have to say that if you think it's easy to write this post if I have a good life. Okay, I try never complain, but say a truth. I am disabled. I was born with a lot of different health problems. One of them is really make my life harder, but nobody about this my problem, only my family and some closest relatives. About second one knows everyone who sees me, as I have problems with my legs and walk bad. I don't have too many troubles with it and even don't notice it, but almost everyone on the street is staring at me that makes me feel not comfortable, sometimes it happens that some kids laugh. It was happening more often when I was a kid, as then I was a little and they wasn't afraid of me.
Also because of it I have a strong pain in my stomach really very-very often. Actually I don't like to talk about health, so probably you had no idea about it.

One the worst things for me that I have a bad relationships with my mom, we are opposites and can't understand each other. I tried a million times to fix it, but it became even worse. She's kind of pessimistic people that love to makes people to be always sad too. So it hurts to me, especially that fact she does it everyday. 
Okay, I'm not going to continue... Here are some items always help me;)
1. Nature + air fresh. One of my favourite things that make my mood to be good again. I noticed  that nature around  seriously give an energy of positivity. So yeah, walks really help, but not always.
2. Sport is the thing is always works. Don't remember that I finished my workout with bad mood.
3. Find your "happy" show or movie that makes you forget about bad things and start to laugh. For me it's "Friends" and not only.
4. Daydreaming. When we imagine something that we want, our brains think  it's a reality, so it's not only give us a good mood, but also it make us to be closer to out dreams. The strenth of thought.
5. Ignore things on TV/Internet that makes  you sad. Sometimes people insteed of focusing on things that they like, spend their time on things they hate.
Like one my 9 years old relative said that she likes watch YouTube and leave bad  comments. It's not okay, but she will change later with age, while adults seriously spent on this a lot of the time .
6. Making somebody feel as bad as you feel is pretty useless. I'm not sure if that human will feel worse, but you'll get your negative vibe back.
7. Focus on your goals and  you will have no time for being sad.
8. Music. Start with a sad song and finish with a funny one. It always works for me.
9. World of books. It really makes me worry about things that  happens in a book  more than what in my life LOL. You just have  to find really a good book.


  1. 4 is really important! it's so good to use your imagination to make yourself feel better. I also like to go on long hikes when I feel down. Hiking up a mountain always makes me feel incredible.

    xo Azu

    1. Wow, I adore mountains, but don't have them around..;(


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