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Monday, June 20, 2016


Yeah, today in the morning my cutie - hamster Boo left this world after spending almost two years together. It's not surprise for me. He was pretty old for hamsters and always had different health problems. So I'm happy for him, as know it's better for him. It was the time to go for him and stop suffering. 
Actually all yesterday's things have saying it will happen soon, but I thought it will be a little bit later. I'm so sorry that I slept whole morning  while he still was making a noise in his cage. He was very noisy, usually he's so noisy, when wants to play with someone, he loved people and hated to be alone. And I was like: ''Okay-okay, give me just 20 minutes else''. Who knew that he will be already dead in a few minutes?!The strangest thing that when he stopped to being noisy, I've heard a bell... just in my room. The sound was going from his cage, I'm 100% sure. It seriously confused me, as I already woke up when it happened so I was sure it's a reality, not a nightmare. It was seriously very scary, after I've heard this sound my first thought was that he's dead. I don't know why. It's just was a first thought. I googled about this bell. I found not a lot information, but turned out it happen sometimes when somebody's dying. Never heard about this before... 
Any ways, soon will be the first night without him. And I'm scared, cause now I couldn't say that's hamster, if I'll hear sounds in the night.
For finishing this post I want to show my favorite his photos. The recent a half of the year I almost never have taking photos of him. He didn't look well, but he always was the cutest and kind.
I forgot about some of these photos and about how he looked before this year. The first photos were taken in autumn 2014 to the last one in January 2016.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry! Don't feel bad because you wanted to sleep, you couldn't know what would happen. And about the bell, I am amazed. I think the best is to remove the cage where he was in, don;t let it in your room. Then you wull recover better. Really sorry about that :(

    1. Yeah the cage we will move to the garage, while it's useless to get here.

  2. Oww, I am so sorry to hear that! He was such a cutie!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about that. Did you hear a bell? It sounds scary!

    1. I've never heard something similar...(


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