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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My first days of the summer

 Around 22:00 and still so light.

Hey world! I poisoned a little bit, so it's why I didn't blog recently. Today I'm finally okay, at least, I hope that in the next days everything is still will be okay. I really hate that feeling when I'm sick and feel so weak to do anything. Those moments I'm feeling like I'm useless. And when I have a pain e.t.c., I started to focus on negativity, so yeah, now I have to go back to the positive side and to try achieving my goals. Now I have some changes in my life this summer, cause this warm time inspired me to do this.
Finally I'm back to exercises after a long break, now I do it daily, even when I feel bad, I had only one exception - yesterday. Cause it was pretty ''shitty'' day, seriously. Probably, the worst one of this year. So it's probably why this post started ''not very positive'', actually, I still have a bad mood (actually, not very bad, sometimes I have negative thoughts e.t.c). Now I have to pull myself together and do my things I have to do.
Also as it's the season of fruits and vegetables, it's almost everything I eat recently. So yeah, I'm trying to eat healthy, I don't buy unhealthy food around two weeks and even don't want it, as now are a lot of really tasty healthy food.
After I wrote this, I realized that even don't want chocolate a week or more, just because I stopped to eat this now and when you stop to eat this for sometime, you don't want it. Only exception are marshmallows, that my niece left and pancakes of my mom. But it's ok. I don't regret anything.
 I started to drink so much more... Actually, it's not as hard as I thought. I really believe it will make my health and beauty better, as actually I drunk really not so much, as a human needs, like sometimes it can be on 250 ml cup of tea per day and it's all. I think it's why I have problems with my stomach so often.
One thing I started to do this summer is learning Engish everyday. Recently I learnt a lot about it, especially, I mean new words to me.
Another thing I like this summer is that light outside before 22:30 -+. Although it's so much darker day today, then yesterday, when I went to my grandmother when it almost was the night (she just got a parcel with gifts hehe) and it was really so like, it's afternoon, and around 22:00 was a sunset and I saw sunlight on trees.
If something made my summer days better, that it's my niece Eva, I was with here almost all these summer days, only not the recent 1-2 days. <3<3<3

It's going to be a too long post, so just shortly will write my goals for the next days: ♥ start to walk a lot (I already got a phone app that will be motivates me to do this),  continue to eat more healthy products and to try new food/recipes (I already have idea what),  to go to the dentist on Friday (the hardest and worst goal for me),  to try to be positive... and to get the parcels I'm waiting for too (beauty things and food), and the last item is  blog good and often;)

How your first summer days?


  1. Very good goals, dear! Your English is great, improving it will be even better! I go to the dentist kind of 2 or 3 times a year, so much I pay attention to my teeth (I like it so), so don't worry, it'll be fine, if you don't have the wisdom tooth off, and even if so (I took the 4 off). Walking will be very good, drinking plenty of liquid too and like you, I am also trying to eat more vegetables! Eva is really sweet! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Oh glad to know that you are feeling good and focusing on positive side.
    Love the pictures in this post as well.

    Ps My new Blog post is live in


  3. Great pics! I've been using the Runkeeper a long time ago and now I'm using Runtastic and it's great too!


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