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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I took a photo of a REAL GHOST...

Guys, I don't know how to start this post... Everything started today around 16:00 when my sister texted me and said that I have to be with her daughter a few hours while she will be on her English language courses. Once when my niece played with her toys, I decided to ''play'' with camera, as my phone started to take photos of really bad quality, so I decided that maybe I can fix it. When I was taking this photo, I haven't seen anything strange. Everything was ok. When I've seen a photo I have a thought that on the photo my niece, but when I realized that she was in the another spot ans she's wearing clothes of another color and it even doesn't look like her... I was shocked the next 30 minutes. I haven't heard what niece have talking to me and I was very, very scared (and still is).
It looks that on the photo probably a man (but many people say it's a woman) that have retro hairstyle and strange outfit. I have never seen that someone wore something similar. Any ways, guys, I wanted to ask if someone have seen something similar and what it even means? I'm pretty scared about my sister's family, as it was in their flat.


  1. That's crazy omg! could you do research about the area your niece lives in??

    1. Everything okay with this. We thought that it can be a human that lived before, as in the flat always strange things happening, like everytime my sister's family is back from weekend in the village or somewhere else the lights on and the recent days their shower and cleaning machine broke, the scariest thing that they had ''earthquake'' that was only in their flat, but people that lived here before said that nobody ever died in this flat, maybe they deceived, as they wanted to sell a flat.

  2. That's really creepy!!

  3. the closest thing I ever found in mine were orbs

  4. Wow! your post gave me goose bumps :s I can't believe it, that's actually a human figure, it's not a shadow or a blurry thing. You have to do some research and talk to an specialist. These things (no matter if you believe or not) are beyond our understanding.
    I hope everything turns out to be fine. Good Luck!

    Walking Freckle

  5. Really? That's scary! I've never seen something similar before.


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