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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Days With Her Are Always Long And Fun

Hello woooorld! Had no new posts yesterday, cause I had two nice days with niece. And you know when you spending the time with a kid, you have no time for something else, you have to play with kids every second of your day. Although yesterday was super fun I haven't taking any photos. We just walked a lot, later played different games and even slept together on my bed the first time. And I don't know what's a problem, but I had sleepless night, so I had to wear sunglasses, cause I looked like I had no sleep a week or even two.

Today I got pretty a lot of photos, so I'll show you more tomorrow. Mostly we have taking photos around one pretty bush by the camera and in the pizzeria by the phone. So I'll show you more pretty nature and some photos of me near that bush. Now I send you some quick photos, I even haven't edited them. For what? Today's such a sunny and bright summer day.


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